Passport from: Paris

I’ve just returned from Paris, where I visited with some of my design team as part of a trip to seek inspiration from the city and from Maison Objet – which I’ve attended in the past. It was a fantastic trip and we got to see some new designs, but I was more interested in the vintage finds Paris had to offer.

Maison Objet in Paris

We visited Maison Objet, which is held on the outskirts of Paris. It’s a huge trade fair and there is usually heaps of inspirational pieces here, with new designs and ideas. However, it saddens me to say that this year it wasn’t the case. I was disappointed by the lack of newness and for an event that is supposed to be synonymous with design and creativity, there was just the same old same old. I’d rather go to just one hall of complete newness than walk around a whole fair of things I’ve already seen. There were several inspirational new companies full of great design and newness who did not simply borrow from others, so it was worth going for that. For me, I need new and unique designs as it’s what I and my clients expect. However, it gave me a taster for Maison in Singapore – where I’ll be launching my fantastic range of design-led baths with Apaiser. More to come on that soon!

Vintage Markets in Paris

I absolutely loved walking around the vintage stores and markets in Paris on the hunt for antique finds. I got loads of inspiration here and there’s something satisfying about rummaging around in what could potentially be a pile of junk, only to find a spectacular piece. It got me thinking about how amazing design has been through the ages. How do we catch up with iconic pieces from the past and bring the innovative creativity back to what we see in the present day. I saw loads here and it will keep my creative brain ticking over for a while. I would recommend visiting Les Puces market at Saint Ouen. Sometimes you see something that is simply part of an antique that can create a new design idea in your head.

My design team in Paris

As well as design hunting, it was a great opportunity to spend some time with some of my design team. I’m very close to my team and we all work together when we’re happy – and nothing satisfies more than good food! We visited Le Voltaire which is one of my favourite restaurant in Paris that I loved as a child. And reminds me of my father We also went to a particularly chic restaurant called La Societe and a few other places for lunch – which were all fantastic.

For me, Paris is the definitely a destination for design inspiration. Stick to the vintage markets and antique dealers to find the best pieces, but have some cash in your pocket as they can be quite expensive. I’m now looking ahead to my trip to Asia, visiting Shanghai as an ambassador of the GREAT Campaign and opening Maison Objet in Singapore – I hope to get lots of great ideas from this trip and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the details before I go!

Love Kelly x


My Beijing Trip in August

Just returned from an incredible trip to Beijing. I spent 4 days in this amazing city. There are so many exciting projects I’m working on in China and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

The Chinese market has always been so important to me. It is the fourth-largest economy in the world and many countries are vying for a share of this market. I’m happy to see the UK strengthening it’s partnerships with China through exciting initiatives like China Business Day held in London two weeks ago and the GREAT Britain Campaign.

The main purpose of this trip was to meet my client – Beijing Topwin Real Estate Development Co. – an influential property developer in China whose business portfolio include hotels, residential and commercial properties. I’m very excited to be working with them, I’m designing a number of apartments and penthouses for one of their residential buildings.

During the various meeting and presentations with the client, the ideas just kept flowing so much, so that we are now talking about other projects including designing a KH style hotel – so exciting!

It was boiling in Beijing, I couldn’t believe how hot it was! As usual everyone was incredibly friendly, I felt so welcome and the client organised everything perfectly, they really made me feel like a queen!

I love Beijing and feel so inspired by this great city I can’t wait to come back.

You wont believe what happened during the flight though, on the return leg of journey, I was peacefully asleep in British Airways first class, my favourite… when suddenly an announcement came on telling everyone to put the oxygen masks and the life jackets! You can imagine how I felt, waking up to this was a surprise, to say the least, and I just kept thinking about the instructions and how to put the mask on… but to my relief, a lovely BA crew member then came up to me and said it was a false alarm, phew! I still love BA though and their amazing crew, thanks for looking after me!

I’m glad to be back home in London for a couple of days before jetting off on holiday to soak up the final Olympic atmosphere.


Kelly’s in China!

Kelly is thrilled to be back in mainland China to take part in the Guangzhou Design Week!

On Monday Kelly started her trip in Asia by attending a special event at the British consulate in Hong Kong as she will be an ambassador for Britain in Asia next year. Though it was her mentor and dear friend Vidal Sassoon who started the ‘Kelly for Prime Minister’ campaign in his CNBC Meets Interview it seems that Kelly herself is making great strides at showcasing her uniquely British design sense to China.

Today she’s been working hard with her partners Halo Asia signing off on the pieces for her latest furniture collection. She’s even visited the factories where they make the items!

On Saturday she’ll be taking part in one of China’s most important design festivals to showcase her furniture range. The collection has been a great success here in the UK and Kelly is excited to showcase the line to Chinese design professionals. She’ll also be signing copies of her new book Ideas…just in time for (Chinese) New Year!

Kelly will be taking exclusive pictures for us so be sure to take a look at her Facebook page on Monday!

If you are in China be sure to see Kelly at the Guangzhou Design Week on Saturday! Check her profiles on Weibo, Kaixin, Renren , Renren Xiaozhan and Douban for more information.



这周一Kelly参加了英国驻华大使馆的一个活动,你知道吗明年Kelly将要代表英国成为英国在整个亚洲的形象大使啦!尽管是Kelly的良师兼益友Vidal Sassoon在前不久Kelly参加的美国CNBC访谈节目先开启的 “凯丽为首相(Kelly for Prime Minister)”的宣传活动,但Kelly本人也正在努力为此事取得大步进展,希望可以让更多的中国朋友们感受到她的独家设计理念。

今天Kelly正致力于展出她与中国厂商Halo Asia合作生产的最新系列家具。当时Kelly本人还亲自参观了制造这些家具的工厂哦!





Kelly to give lectures in Asia!

Kelly had such an a amazing response from interior design enthusiasts on her recent trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore that we are pleased to announce she will be returning very soon to give a series of 2 day lectures!

Taking place in Winter 2011 the Masterclass sessions in Delhi, Singapore and China will be for interior design professionals.

If you’d like to be a part of this amazing opportunity please email to register your interest and which city you’re in.

Photo Credit: The photo of the gorgeous antique globe is by simonkoleznik