Secrets for Business Success

Kelly is not only an outstadning interior designer, but also a successful business woman. As part of her role with the UK Trade & Investment Kelly is always keen to help businesses become more successful by offering her expertise.

In Kelly’s latest Huffington blog post – Business 101: Taking Stock, she shares some great tips about doing business successfully. The article is featured on the front page of Huffington post, together with Arianna Huffington, the president and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, David Lidington and Birgitta Ohlsson, as well as Sir Christopher Meyer, Former British Ambassador to the United States and Germany.

Read the article now to get some great business mentoring advice from Kelly!

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It’s been a long ongoing debate about what Kelly uses on her hair and how we get those unruly tresses so shiny and soft? So here are some tips about how to treat curls and get the best out of them.

It is very important to understand some basic facts about hair, to be able to choose the right product and method for every individual hair type or curl type.

Straight hair allows the natural oils of the scalp to travel towards the midlength of the hair. You may need some extra help (moisture) on the ends, but unless the hair is chemically damaged or not getting regular trims, it will survive very well.

Curly hair twirls around and because of that the cuticles lock on top of each other, which stops the oil travelling down the strands, creating a protective shiny layer.

Hair is naturally dry when straight and needs more care and attention.

KEVIN MURPHYS fully organic product range has proved to work so well with so many different hair types. Using products without chemicals will allow your hair to start to live again.

Identifying your hair type is important. Curls come in all different shapes and sizes.

Kevin Murphy’s web site is quite informative about their products, but here is a few important facts to check.

– Thick or fine hair? (Don’t use heavy products if your hair is fine, it will be too oily and will lose the natural volume)

– Highlighted and frizzy? (Requires healing oils)

– Colored not so brittle but frizzy? (Hydration, but not heavy oils)

– Thick, grey, colored, highlighted and brittle? (Variety of heavy and healing oils.)

Step 1 – Choose the right products.

The right shampoo and conditioner is just as important as the after care products. It is necessary to keep the scalp healthy.

Kevin Murphy – Maxi wash (clarifying shampoo) is a cleanser. This cleanser contains tropical fruit acids (AHA) and anti pollution agents to deeply cleanse the hair. Lime, Mint and Eucalyptus will remove excess oil and stimulate the scalp.

You should stroke the hair gently with the fingertips or the palm of your hands starting from the root ending to the very tip. For best results and for thicker hair, keep it on for about a minute.

Step 2 – Shampoo

With Kelly I use Luxury Wash as her hair is naturally very thick, colored and highlighted demands strong repair agents and moisturizing oils. The hair will start to feel very smooth and soft, without even applying the conditioner yet.

Step 3 – Conditioner

I do believe in combing your hair gently with the conditioner still in. Kevin Murphy’s Texture comb is ideal and is designed to keep the hair tangle free but not tear apart the ringlets.

Keeping the conditioner on the hair for a few minutes longer will allow the curls to absorb evenly and further into the hair shaft.

Step 4 – Rinse

Rinse the hair. These conditioners work well if you leave for a period of time. You should only rinse about 70 percent leaving the remainder to help re-feed your hair over the next few days.

If your hair is very fine, it goes without saying you should rinse more. Then use a firm squeeze to remove the excess water but no towel!

Step 5 – Treatment

Start applying the after care products while your hair is wet, Why? The hair wont have frizzed up which will allow the ringlets to lock in more moisture with the existing water on its surface.

For Kelly’s hair I mix up two products. Both are Kevin Murphy – Leave in Luxury and Motion Lotion.

To avoid overloading on product, I section about 10cm by 10cm areas and apply the mixture (about a size of a two pound coin of each) from the root to end. If it feels tangled still comb it through again with the products within.

Step 6 – Treatment cont…

To lock in moisture, it’s important to seal the hair with oil. I absolutely adore the Moroccan Oil which isn’t by Kevin Murphy, however it is fully organic and adds so much shine and softness to the hair!

Step 7 – Drying the hair

Now, most of you probably like to dry your hair naturally and it’s probably the gentlest way to do so. But if you are in a hurry a good diffuser works well.

My two favorites are: DiffuserXLPro (for long thick hair) from the company called Diva and the SoftTouch Magic diffuser (for fine and normal, medium length hair) from Spittor.

It is important, not to rush. Think slow speed and high heat. This will eliminate accidental over drying.

Step 9 – Additional treatments

For additional shine, when you’re out and about or getting ready you can use spray high shine from the brand ORGANICS which is a heat protector

Step ten. The following day

If you like to wash your hair every day then only rinse your hair, limit shampooing for once a week.

If your hair needs a little reviving, just re-apply the Morrocan oil, which will make those stubborn dry ends smooth once again.

I hope these ten steps will help you eliminate the bad hair days, but do remember to get a trim regularly as it will keep the shape and those loose ends in check.

Magdalen Jagri is a senior hair stylist at 10500, a vibrant salon in west London where she has become well known for her distinctive and creative approach to hair styling. In particular, Magda has an unrivalled reputation for taming the most unruly curls and has become the feted choice of celebrities such as Kelly Hoppen.

Magda specializes in precision cutting and with her artistic vision and impeccable attention to detail enjoys working with clients to come up with styles individualized to their needs. A master of her craft, she keeps up with the latest techniques and hair trends as they appear on the fashion scene ensuring her enviable celebrity client list is always bang-on trend. She is constantly working on her own innovative techniques always pushing the boundaries of hair. She regularly styles hair for fashion shows and photo shoots and enjoys doing styles for weddings and other special occasions.

Magda’s success began early in her career. By 18, she had become a session hairstylist/makeup artist in Hungary working on television shows, music videos, commercials and films including an early version of X-factor (Kifuto) in Hungary.

With 22 years-experience in hairdressing, top training at elite academies Vidal Sassoon and Toni&Guy as well as a photography and art diploma under her belt, Magda is a very diverse and creative stylist, who’s not afraid to think outside the box.

Please feel free to comment on this post to win a gift from Kevin Murphy’s range. This is UK only competition for persons 18+ and you must enter by 23:59 on Tuesday April 24.


Feng Shui

I saw a post from Crystal and the lovely ladies at Rue Magazine on arranging their new office space which is something I do every year so I thought I’d write a blog about it.

I have mentioned before that when I design I look to create spaces that people instantly feel at ease in. The best compliment I can get from a client when they walk into a home I’ve designed for them is that they feel like they’ve always lived here. Aside from the fabric, colors and all the elements that go into dressing a room its really important to think about how the space will be used and how people will flow through it.

The concept of flow and energy of a space is nothing new as the art of Feng Shui can attest too. We all know what its like to walk into a home and feel that something is ‘off’. This I believe comes down to the energy of the space and whether you have created a space that is well balanced. I work with Richard Ashworth who is a Feng Shui practitioner and the man I trust to help me organise my own office to make it a place I can work, create and be inspired. Quite often you will see Feng Shui tips relating to colour in your home but I think it is more important to look at the very basics like having a clutter free space with natural light. Think of your house as a whole and if one room is really cozy or relaxing what makes it htat way? What elements could you bring into a space that you never seem to want to spend much time in. Some times changing simple things like the position of the furniture addressing dim lighting or having a clear out is enough to make your least favourite room more welcoming.

Since I’ve been talking about my own office space here are some quick tips to give your space the right energy

  1. Make it a distinct space all of it’s own (don;t work out of your bedroom!)
  2. Make sure it has plenty of natural light
  3. Fresh air is great but if it’s not possible look to invest in an air purifier
  4. Don’t face walls or doorways at your desk
  5. Keep it clutter free
  6. Bring in the natural elements through decorative pieces (wood carvings, mirrors, metal)

I always say that the bedroom is the most important part of the house so here are some quick ideas linked to Feng Shui to try in that space as well:

  1. Take out anything that doesn’t relate to sleep or relaxation (that means TVs!)
  2. Open your windows during the day so you have lovely fresh air when you come into the room at night
  3. Have different lighting for different purposes which can also be dimmed
  4. Have neutral colours in the space and on your bed
  5. Make the bed easily accessible from both sides
  6. Have bedside tables to avoid clutter

These are just a few tips but I would encourage you to have a second look at your own home and work spaces to get the energy right so you can be as productive and happy in them as possible.

P.S. Do take a look at Richard’s blog as well for more great tips!

Image Credit: the lovely photo that instantly inspires tranquility is from Toby M


Free Event: A Conversation with Kelly Hoppen

Thursday night Kelly will be at Apple’s London Flagship store on Regent Street to talk about what makes the Kelly Hoppen Style with insights into selecting colour, fabric, lighting and furnishings to for your interior.
Kelly will also be talking about her current project and future plans for her business. This free event is a great chance to get design tips, business insights and future trends from Kelly herself.
I hope you’ll join us!

A Conversation with Kelly Hoppen MBE

Apple’s London Flagship Store
Thursday November 25, 2010
Programme starts at 19:00

Apple Store Regent Street
235 Regent Street
London, WC2E 8HA


Jaime Derringer shares business insights and resources

Yesterday, Jaime Derringer the Founder & Editor of Design Milk and Dog Milk shared her personal journey so far as she follows her passion as a profession. Today she shares her experience of creating a successful business, highlights the importance of community to building an online magazine and asseses how the interiors world is doing at embracing the digital landscape.

You’ve started an amazing business what tips could you offer to others considering starting a business themselves?

Don’t underestimate the power of the Internet, blogging, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media and online engagement.

Prepare to live and breathe your business. You will work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but if you’re passionate enough it never feels like work.

How important is community to what you?

At first, I didn’t think that community was a big deal, nor did I believe that face-to-face networking was all that important. Boy, was I wrong. Just because you run a website doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get involved with your online community or get out in the “real” world and meet people.

I decided to start getting involved by actually going OFFline.

I put my photo on my website, made real business cards, started attending events — really go out there and meet people in my business, both bloggers and designers. It seems that once you attach your face and a human being to a website, there is an instant feeling of comfort. You feel more comfortable picking up the phone, emailing or contact them. They become approachable. You begin to look forward to meeting with them at events, and collaboration seems easier.

Moreover, handing out business cards and shaking hands with people who don’t know who you are is a great way to spread your brand. Once people know your face or see your logo on your business card, they will make the connection when they see your name or website mentioned online.

To anyone who wants to hide behind the computer, I say put on your sneakers and get out there and pound the pavement.

How important have facebook and twitter been to connecting with people and raising awareness for Design Milk and Dog Milk?

Essential. If you’re not on one or the other these days, you can forget about reaching a large portion of the people who spend their time online. I have been able to connect with the design lovers as young as 13, 14, or 15 because of Twitter — before they even decide to become designers or artists.

I have a large non-US population of readers on Facebook. I’m able to connect with people I wouldn’t otherwise reach with just a website. Many of my Twitter followers found me on Twitter first before ever hearing of my website.

How important is reader feedback to what you do?

Crucial. I wish I got more reader feedback. I do what I do for my readers.

Here in the UK there is still a bit of uncertainty about bloggers and online magazine. What would you say to convince people as to the merits of online resources?

This is a tough question because there are a lot of quality bloggers online but there are probably twice as many uninformed bloggers. It is hard to distinguish who is who. Since the web basically offers everyone their own voice (anyone can start a blog), everyone can instantly become a source for information. I like to stick to the well-known news resources to get my news about world affairs, science, technology, and politics.

However, when it comes to my hobbies and my own business industry, it’s a bit different. There are top print magazines who have years and years of experience in the industry who have begun to produce online content. This is very promising for the rest of us. The more traditional, well-known top names in the industry who begin to recognize the importance of online media the more their readers will also move in this direction. We need Wallpaper*, Metropolis, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Modernism Magazine, etc to really push their readers into reading about design and getting information online.

Moreover, I think that the current generation of designers who have been in the industry for over 30 years are likely not the target audience of bloggers. We’re targeting the designers, architects, and future designers who are young, still in school, and embracing online media as their FIRST source of information and resource. I want my readers to grow with me, and I want them to tell me where and how I need to grow to meet their needs. I have a feeling that the current generation of 18-30 year olds is going to reshape where and how we get information, so I think that those who don’t accept us as valuable or valid will get pushed out the door by the new generation.

How do you think the interior design world is doing at embracing digital? Who is doing things well?

I think resource sites like Decorati , MyDeco or Modenus are great in reaching the interior design audience. I also think that weekly Twitter chats like Interior Design Chat have become a great way for IDs to connect and share resources or tips with each other.

Some of the top design magazines are doing OK but no one is really standing out just yet. I think they are still in transition. With all the movement in Editor-in-Chiefs and Online Editors happening in the past 6 months, things are changing so we should see more happening online in 2011.

Who should the interiors world look to for examples of best practice in incorporating digital tools and the web into their business plans?

I think that HGTV is doing a pretty good job of connecting online with viewers. They’ve created online video series, promoted their Twitter and Facebook on their TV channel and partnered with interior design bloggers to help promote their Design Star TV show.

I also think that there are great design-related people online like Kenneth Brown, Angelo Surmelis, ABCDDesign, Rue Magazine, Grace Bonney, there are a lot of design folks doing things right online, but I’m not seeing the REALLY big names do anything amazing yet. I think big things are coming soon. I’m hopeful.

If one has a budget allocated, I think looking into getting advice from someone like The Kaleidoscope Partnership is a good start. If designers or companies are struggling, TKP is a helpful resource to strategize, teach, and inform about social media.

Here in the UK a few of our newspapers, such as The Times, have gone behind a ‘pay wall’ and are now subscription based. What are your thoughts on this? Is it counter to what the web is all about?

I think this idea is great, but it’s not for everyone. Magazines and newspapers that were previously popular only in print are now offering their full content online because many people are now going to the web for news. If you think about it you’re essentially reading the same thing in a different format. In my opinion, just because you’re holding an iPad instead of a newspaper doesn’t make the words more or less valuable and you should pay the same price for it. Whatever you paid in a paper subscription you should pay in an online subscription.

For anyone who says online is cheaper than print to produce has never developed an iPad app, had their own server, hired a programmer or a designer. To truly provide quality, attractive, and user-friendly content, the costs add up!

Image Credit: The round-up of social networking sites came from The Ecommerce Solution.


Party Tips!

Making time for friends is important and what better way to do so then by hosting an amazing party! I LOVE entertaining and making sure my friends are having a great time. There are lots of elements to making sure you’re party is a success but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Good lighting (re: candles) and the right music help create a welcoming environment. Loads of food, and of course booze, help too. Hosting a party is about setting a scene and can be as extravagant as you like if you get the basics right.
On my app I have a section on table decorations for hosting a dinner party and if you have an open space kitchen/diner how to make your a chic space with a few simple tricks. As the host of the host of the party you should be having just as good a time as your guests and keeping in mind these simple tips will help take away the stress.

The image here is a shot of one of the table settings I show you how to create in my ‘Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’ app!


Launching my App today!

Today I am launching my design application for the iPhone! I am so excited because I created it as a tool for you and now you finally get to see it! It is beautifully designed (naturally) and easy to use because I want to give you insights into quick, easy and inspiring ways to design elements for your home. I’ve covered bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and even how to arrange shelves in a chic way. Actually, I was at dinner at a friends house recently and he asked me to rearrange his shelves for him…it only took me a few minutes but he said he never would have thought to do what I did. So I know the tools in my app will help you too!

Aside from being a great ‘how to guide’ through images, videos and text I also have videos on tips and inspirations which I hope will make the app even more dynamic and useful to you. This app will help design novices get the tools and confidence to decorate their space and for design enthusiasts I hope you’ll find the ideas fresh and inspiring. I can’t wait for you to get the app and try it for yourself but here is a video to show you a bit about it in the meantime please take a look at my video for the Home Style by Kelly Hoppen app!


Trip to the Markets

I am a market girl! I love exploring markets here in London and across the world for great design gems. Here in the London I visit Portobello Road which has antique and design shops open all week long but on Saturdays the street is filled with market traders selling all sorts. It’s also a great place for clothes and fashion accessories as young designers set up stalls selling vintage or their own unique creations. On Sundays you can often find me at Columbia Road Flower Market. The traders are ‘proper’ east enders and call out to passersby to visits their stalls so it’s a really fun experience…just get there early as it gets quite busy by midday. There are also unique little boutiques which line the streets and only open on the weekends which I love to pop into for a browse.

A great market outside the capital is the Sunbury Antiques Market which my great friend Laura Bailey also visits as does the lovely David Gandy.

In Paris I head straight for Clignancourt market . It’s quite big so take a look at this site for a guide and do get there early and only ever on Fridays as it’s far too busy on the weekends. Porte de Vanves is in the south of the city and quite a bit smaller but worth a look but only if you are in the mood for doing a bit of rummaging.

The markets in Marrakesh and Fez are a real experience and have some amazing finds. Remember to negotiate on price as that’s part of the fun of the markets here. In Marrakesh the markets surround the Djemaa el-Fna so you can just wander but don’t go too far as tourists are often easy targets for people trying to hustle you and you could find yourself in a tricky situation.

Wherever the market I love the search for hidden gems and getting them at a bargain price. If you have the right attitude and don’t mind a bit of a hunt and are up for haggling on price you can find some truly unique pieces for your home.

Image Credit: This image of Columbia Road Flower Market is by GanMed64


Tips for Managing a Design Project

Managing an interior design project is always going to have an element of stress but it you are organised you can certainly lessen the load. Before the project gets started planning, planning and more planning is key. You must cross every ‘t’ and dot every ‘i’ otherwise you’ll get stung…that I know from experience! It’s also important to get the right team around you so don’t be afraid to ask for references from builders or painter/decorators. The good ones won’t hesitate to show you their work. Contact their clients etc. If your builder or painter/decorator doesn’t want to play ball then be sure you scrap them in favour of someone who will.

When it comes to thinking about and planning your project first you must really think about the space and how it will work best for you. I always consider the functionality of the space because its a space you need to live in.

Then come up with your budget. Be realistic and set a budget you’re comfortable with and has a bit of flexibility if something unexpected happens. Setting a budget which stretches you really is no good.

Next work on a theme or colour. This is where you can get creative so have fun but also remember that we get tired of certain colours which is why I use a neutral palate for walls and furnishings and add in a splash of colour through accessories. If you need a bit of inspiration for bedrooms, kitchens, dinning rooms and even shelves you can find it on my up coming app or in any of my books. Also, take a look at my list of blogs that I read for inspiration…there are some great talents out there! Ultimately though, the space needs to reflect your personal taste and style.

Whatever your budget, redesigning a space takes time and money so when you are making decisions about furnishings or even colour remember to always choose what you love and want to live with not what you think you like.

The wallpaper you see is from my 2010 collection with Graham & Brown and the furniture comes from my collection with Halo Asia.