Art on Demand

I am passionate about photography which is why I was so excited to be able to offer a range of beautiful photographs for you in my Print on Demand service.

Art plays such an important role in the home but sometimes finding pieces that work well in your home is difficult. Working with Magnolia to create a range of beautiful pieces that could be printed in any size on canvas or fine art paper to the exact specifications of the client is beyond mass produced art prints… It’s a bespoke service. Using the latest technology so you can get what you want and get it shipped anywhere in the world within 10 days.

I really wanted to focus on black and white photography as I feel it can work well in any space regardless of the colour scheme. Quality was a key point for me so Fine Art Pearl Paper from The Hahnemühle mill is used for the paper prints. The mill was founded in Germany in 1584 and has long been renowned for its fine quality and immaculate finish which guarantees your artwork is of the highest standard. Actually, because of the paper the prints are an archival standard which means they will really last.

Beauty can be found in even the most seemingly ordinary objects so on my collection you will see stunning images of bowls, books, Buddha’s, vintage cameras, playing cards, coral, crystals, cutlery, dominos, flowers, glass, nudes, plates and tea pots. The pieces work well on their own or as a series because they are so elegant in their simplicity.

For me it’s the clean lines and striking black and white contrasts that are sure to add a touch of chic to any home especially when you can print them to any size you want so they fit perfectly in your space.


Keeping it in the Family

I’ve written about following your passion and this week Jaime Derringer shared her own journey to creating her sites Design Milk and Dog Milk. Since I think celebrating success is a great way to insipre others to follow their own passion I thought I’d expand on this idea even more as people in my own family are doing just that but in very different industries.

I adore photography but for my brother Michael it’s his business. A professional photographer for 20 years and an avid collector of others works he opened his own gallery, The Michael Hoppen Gallery, in Chelsea in 1993. So passionate about the art form Michael has helped acquaint people with different periods and styles to gain an understanding of the important elements that go into making, not just the taking, a photograph. In 2000, he founded the Michael Hoppen Contemporary Gallery which has become important not only for international collectors but for giving emerging artists a place to show their works. My brother’s passion for photography becomes so clear when you walk into his gallery that I’ve spent hours there learning, looking and even buying the amazing pieces there.

I also want to talk a bit about Sienna and Savannah and their twenty8twelve collection. Though Sienna pursued her passion for acting and Savannah her passion for fashion in separate cities their paths eventually brought them back together to create twenty8twelve. Debuting their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection in Spring 2008 they’ve won rave reviews, worked on collections for a further 6 seasons and employ a staff of 7 to bring twenty8twelve to life. I’m so happy that the two of them are pursuing this passion together and making such a success of it!

I’ve mentioned how my daughter (she was the picture you clicked through to get to this blog post) is key to helping me stay healthy through her lovely Ganesh Munchies which are my daily treat but she has also founded an amazing company called Ganesh Retreats which provides amazing wellness retreats at really affordable prices. Having established a successful career in Event Planning, Natasha had a life changing trip to India in 2009 which made her reassess things and choose to pursue her passion for healthy and wellbeing. Always a believer in holistic lifestyle she retrained as a Reiki master in India and came back to the UK to learn more about the importance of nutrition from my good friend Vicky Edgson. Combining her event planning background with her new skills in healing and nutrition Natasha founded a company that would allow her to share this with others. She has since assembled an amazing team around her and the retreats she offers are truly life changing experiences. I’m so proud of her desire to pursue her passion and the work she is doing which is helpful to so many others.

P.S> This is a shot of the lovely food she put in my fridge this week. Delicious and so good for me!