Passport from: Paris

I’ve just returned from Paris, where I visited with some of my design team as part of a trip to seek inspiration from the city and from Maison Objet – which I’ve attended in the past. It was a fantastic trip and we got to see some new designs, but I was more interested in the vintage finds Paris had to offer.

Maison Objet in Paris

We visited Maison Objet, which is held on the outskirts of Paris. It’s a huge trade fair and there is usually heaps of inspirational pieces here, with new designs and ideas. However, it saddens me to say that this year it wasn’t the case. I was disappointed by the lack of newness and for an event that is supposed to be synonymous with design and creativity, there was just the same old same old. I’d rather go to just one hall of complete newness than walk around a whole fair of things I’ve already seen. There were several inspirational new companies full of great design and newness who did not simply borrow from others, so it was worth going for that. For me, I need new and unique designs as it’s what I and my clients expect. However, it gave me a taster for Maison in Singapore – where I’ll be launching my fantastic range of design-led baths with Apaiser. More to come on that soon!

Vintage Markets in Paris

I absolutely loved walking around the vintage stores and markets in Paris on the hunt for antique finds. I got loads of inspiration here and there’s something satisfying about rummaging around in what could potentially be a pile of junk, only to find a spectacular piece. It got me thinking about how amazing design has been through the ages. How do we catch up with iconic pieces from the past and bring the innovative creativity back to what we see in the present day. I saw loads here and it will keep my creative brain ticking over for a while. I would recommend visiting Les Puces market at Saint Ouen. Sometimes you see something that is simply part of an antique that can create a new design idea in your head.

My design team in Paris

As well as design hunting, it was a great opportunity to spend some time with some of my design team. I’m very close to my team and we all work together when we’re happy – and nothing satisfies more than good food! We visited Le Voltaire which is one of my favourite restaurant in Paris that I loved as a child. And reminds me of my father We also went to a particularly chic restaurant called La Societe and a few other places for lunch – which were all fantastic.

For me, Paris is the definitely a destination for design inspiration. Stick to the vintage markets and antique dealers to find the best pieces, but have some cash in your pocket as they can be quite expensive. I’m now looking ahead to my trip to Asia, visiting Shanghai as an ambassador of the GREAT Campaign and opening Maison Objet in Singapore – I hope to get lots of great ideas from this trip and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the details before I go!

Love Kelly x


Guest Post: Martin Waller on Andrew Martin International


Martin Waller‘s passion for good design prompted him to found the ‘Interior Designer of the Year award‘ in 1996, which soon became the pinnacle of the interior design industry, being described by the Sunday Times as “The Oscars for the interior design world”.

The award, which attracts entries from designers worldwide, is judged by a distinguished panel that has included Jo Malone, Terry O’Neil, A A Gill and the Duchess of York with the list of recipients reading like a ‘who’s who’ of the interior design industry with previous winners Kelly Hoppen, Kit Kemp and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. Each year the very best work from entrants is published in the influential ‘Interior Design Review’ book now in its 16th year and described as the bible for the interior design world.



  • As a brand of great authority within the design community, what are your top upcoming trends for 2013?

The man cave and all things masculine are a huge influence.1980’s arcade games, coffee tables, vintage toys, 1960’s glamour photographs, aeroplane wing desks and football tables are all part of the ascent of man.


  • How do you feel your personality is represented through your own designs?

Everybody’s design should be a representation of their personality and should reflect their interests and passions. I like relaxed comfort with an emphasis on art and artifact that represent different cultures around the world.


  • You founded the Andrew Martin Interior Design of the Year Award – what does it mean to win such an award?

The Andrew Martin Designer of the Year Award has transformed the way the interior design industry is perceived. It has turned interior designers into stars in the same way as fashion designers are.


  • With your annual Interior Design Review, you must sample the industries finest designers every year – who are ones to watch this year?

As with so much else the major change in the interior design is the swing towards China, they are doing incredible new buildings and designers there are developing an new vernacular of contemporary Chinese design. Their emphasis is on wall finishes, ceiling fixtures, water features and lighting effects. This year’s winners One Plus Partnership are a great example of this new wave.


  • Kelly was awarded the Andrew Martin Interior Designer of the Year Award in 1996, what would be your top aspects of Kelly’s signature style?

Harmony is the magic ingredient of Kelly’s designs. She marshals luxury materials into an easy living lifestyle. Like a great ice skater she makes it look easy but it is her vigorous attention to detail that sets her apart. Many tried to emulate Kelly but she did it first and she still does it best.


My first Yoo Project in Russia!

On May 29 I was in Moscow for the launch of my Barkli Virgin House project. This is my second project with Yoo, and my first project with them in Russia.

The event was sheer opulence but was fitting of such an important project. Perhaps the escort of men dressed as British Soldiers and Policemen was a bit much…but that’s Russia!

The Barkli Virgin House is a one of a kind project and something very new for the Russian market. Similar to 1 Hyde Park here in London, The Barkli Virgin House has a premier location, stunning views and luxurious interior design to match.

I’m personally thrilled with what we’ve done in the lobby as there is nothing like it in any other Russian property development. It gives a welcoming sense of space through muted lighting to emphasise natural luxury. A marble stone runner creates a distinctive perspective cutting through a black lacquered timber floor. The timber slatted arches along the main axis in the hallway echo the stone arch in the front of the building and cast shadows on the dark grey marble walls. My furniture is used throughout the space and it is complimented by large pendant chandeliers and accessories specifically selected for the space.

Entrance to lobby

Reception Desk in Lobby

Seating Area in Lobby

The Penthouse suites offers 360 degree panorama of Moscow including views of the Kremlin, Zachatevsky Monastery, and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. The amazing historical buildings and churches are a perfect contrast to the modern luxury of the building’s interiors.

For the event we painted the one of the Penthouse apartments white so that everyone could really take in the vistas. The leading lights in Russian Society were at the event and it was truly an incredible evening!

The building has 19 apartments in four signature styles (Urban, Vintage, Sea Breeze and Green) each of which use contrasting materials and luxurious fabrics and furnishings. Half the apartments are already sold but after last night’s event I’m sure the rest will be sold in no time.

The press event earlier in the day was a bit surreal as the compare was a Russian TV personality and I was getting real-time translation in one ear while trying to follow what was being said at the same time. I also held a book signing which was fantastic. I always love hearing how my books have helped people.

With such a whirlwind trip I’m a bit jet lagged today but I was thrilled to be a part of the launch of the Barkli Virgin House. With the opening of our Moscow office for Kelly Hoppen Interiors I’m looking forward to more trips to this incredible city.

-Kelly x


CNBC Meets Kelly Hoppen

If you missed Kelly on CNBC last night be sure to tune in when it repeats this weekend…this really is a must watch! CNBC reporter Tania Bryer not only sat down with Kelly but spoke with former client Gary Rhodes and Kelly’s dear friend and inspiration Vidal Sassoon.

Kelly spoke about her childhood and knowing early on that she had a real affinity for interiors. Aside from taking trips to show homes with her mother Kelly would style her own bedroom and make sure everything was just so…a designer in the making to be sure!

I was surprised to hear that Kelly had experienced bullying as a child and as a result never felt at ease at school. Though I’ve heard of many successful people who have experienced bullying it’s hard to image what those times must have been like for Kelly who was also struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia.

Kelly has spoken before about the importance of her relationship with her father but in the interview she shared what it was like to lose such an important person in her life. Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never easy but Kelly rebounded from the tragedy with incredible resilience following her passion for interiors that began so early in life. Starting with nothing at just 16 she took on her first project and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was interesting to hear how she adapted in the face of the global economic downturn. As a self-made woman Kelly stated that it was very difficult times when her US opportunities seemed to dry up overnight. The thing I found interesting was the real sense of responsibility Kelly felt for all the people that depend on her for their own livelihoods. She is definitely a different breed of business owner.

Her unique take on business was made even more clear when she spoke about her belief in family and that she is always on call for her children even now that they are adults. Kelly spoke openly about her two marriages and her very modern family. It was really touching to hear about the bonds between Kelly, her daughters (Natasha, Sienna and Savannah) and Jo Miller that were forged in the difficult circumstances of Jo’s fight with breast cancer.

Though Kelly’s life did (and still does) revolve around her family when the girls went off to boarding school she returned to interiors in earnest. Since then her business has flourished and aside from working with amazing clients (Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Victoria Beckham to name a few) her unique vision has turned into an ever expanding range of products. From furniture, to accessories, and from paints and wallpapers to home fragrence and kitchens there is no part of the home that can’t have a touch of the Kelly Hoppen!

She spoke about her desire and commitment to growing her global business by highlighting the focus she has placed on the Asian market. Kelly will be China from December 9-11 but in the last 6 months she has also launched profiles on Chinese language platforms so she can speak directly to her fans in their own language. She is on Weibo, Kaixin, RenRen, Douban and Xiaozhan. While her travel schedule can be gruelling Kelly is dedicated to helping her business reach new heights (and markets).

Perhaps it’s seeing so much of the world that has really spurned Kelly on to look for ever more opportunities to give back. While she is committed to sharing her knowledge with students in her design school she has also partnered with Earth Couture to create an organic ethical fashion line that helps fight the spread of malaria in Africa. There are even plans in place to share a percentage of the sales of her new furniture rage withcharity.

Kelly also shared her thoughts on being honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for her work with charity, employing British workers and raising the profile of a truly British brand. I was really touched by the comments made by Kelly’s mentor and friend Vidal Sassoon who said she was a woman of unique vision who has an amazing future in store that may surprise people. The “Kelly for Prime Minister” campaign started with Vidal Soon but we think it has real legs.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Kelly for just over a year and a half now and even I was surprised by the things Kelly shared in this interview. If you’ve ever wondered what has shaped Kelly into the incredible businesswoman and inspiration she is today all your questions will be answered in this interview!

The programme airs in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and on CNBC World in America at the following times so be sure to tune in:

Rebroadcast time:

Saturday 19/11 at 21:30 gmt/22:30 cet

Sunday 20/11 at 19:30 gmt/ 20:30 cet

Monday 21/11 at 22:30 gmt/23:30 cet

Wednesday 22/11 at 22:30 gmt/23:30

Here in the UK it is on the following channels:

Sky (505), Virgin (613), Talk Talk (510), and Freesat (210)


Get the Look: The Applebaums

If you loved the look of the lux kitchen the Applebaum family ended up with on last week’s episode of Superior Interiors with Kelly Hoppen then read on for the complete listings of items used in their home.


Stone Flooring by Livra. Colour: Blue Molianos.


Borderline Carpet Planning service supplier:

Leather Border by Moore and Giles. Colour: Soho Croc Putty.


Wall between the shelving units in the kitchen by Polidori Barbera. Plaster finish.

Wall in the dining room where the TV is located by Abbott and Boyd. Comme un miroir enchanteur RM 617 01.

All other Walls:

Custom made

Pendants over the dining table: Custom made through Rob Clift


Bar Stools by Danetti. Model: Mirage gas lift barstool:

Dining Table was custom made by joiner Robert.

Dining Chairs by Dwell. Model: Classic gloss dining chair

Wing back chairs for the head of the dining table by Andrew Martin. Model: Pluto Chair.

Velvet for chairs by Abbott & Boyd. Model: Le Pantheon du chic.

Wall hung shelves were custom made through Robert.

Window Coverings/treatment (E.g. Curtains)

Custom made through Thomson Schultz

Main curtain Fabric in Sahco Hesslein.

Border Fabric in Bitter Chocolate.


Kitchen Units were custom made and supplied through the joiner Robert.

Worktop in Mystic River

Splashback: Custom made

All appliances provided by Siemens Home Appliances UK please click this link for more information


Feng Shui

I saw a post from Crystal and the lovely ladies at Rue Magazine on arranging their new office space which is something I do every year so I thought I’d write a blog about it.

I have mentioned before that when I design I look to create spaces that people instantly feel at ease in. The best compliment I can get from a client when they walk into a home I’ve designed for them is that they feel like they’ve always lived here. Aside from the fabric, colors and all the elements that go into dressing a room its really important to think about how the space will be used and how people will flow through it.

The concept of flow and energy of a space is nothing new as the art of Feng Shui can attest too. We all know what its like to walk into a home and feel that something is ‘off’. This I believe comes down to the energy of the space and whether you have created a space that is well balanced. I work with Richard Ashworth who is a Feng Shui practitioner and the man I trust to help me organise my own office to make it a place I can work, create and be inspired. Quite often you will see Feng Shui tips relating to colour in your home but I think it is more important to look at the very basics like having a clutter free space with natural light. Think of your house as a whole and if one room is really cozy or relaxing what makes it htat way? What elements could you bring into a space that you never seem to want to spend much time in. Some times changing simple things like the position of the furniture addressing dim lighting or having a clear out is enough to make your least favourite room more welcoming.

Since I’ve been talking about my own office space here are some quick tips to give your space the right energy

  1. Make it a distinct space all of it’s own (don;t work out of your bedroom!)
  2. Make sure it has plenty of natural light
  3. Fresh air is great but if it’s not possible look to invest in an air purifier
  4. Don’t face walls or doorways at your desk
  5. Keep it clutter free
  6. Bring in the natural elements through decorative pieces (wood carvings, mirrors, metal)

I always say that the bedroom is the most important part of the house so here are some quick ideas linked to Feng Shui to try in that space as well:

  1. Take out anything that doesn’t relate to sleep or relaxation (that means TVs!)
  2. Open your windows during the day so you have lovely fresh air when you come into the room at night
  3. Have different lighting for different purposes which can also be dimmed
  4. Have neutral colours in the space and on your bed
  5. Make the bed easily accessible from both sides
  6. Have bedside tables to avoid clutter

These are just a few tips but I would encourage you to have a second look at your own home and work spaces to get the energy right so you can be as productive and happy in them as possible.

P.S. Do take a look at Richard’s blog as well for more great tips!

Image Credit: the lovely photo that instantly inspires tranquility is from Toby M


My Book Launch

Last night was the launch party for my new design book ‘Kelly Hoppen Ideas – creating a home for the way you live’. It has been two years in the making and while I am proud of all of my books I really think this is the best one yet! My book is available in the UK, US and Canada, and will be available in translated editions a little later in the year. If you haven’t done so already make sure you download the sneak peek excerpt which has tips on lighting, organic shapes and stylish accessories.

The party at Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill was a lot of fun. I was overwhelmed with the support from my closest friends, family and business partners.

The film crew from my up coming TV series were on hand to capture the evening as well and recording messages from my guests, I can’t wait to see them!

I set the mood for the party with lots of candles from my range with Welton, great live music from a Jazz duo on double bass and saxophone and lots of lovely cocktails to get everyone in the swing of things. Everyone was in fantastic spirits and the party went on well into the night…I actually left my partner Adam chatting away with Freddy Flintoff to make sure I was on top form for a 6am conference call this morning.

It was an absolutely wonderful evening. Thank you to everyone who made it so special x


Kelly to give lectures in Asia!

Kelly had such an a amazing response from interior design enthusiasts on her recent trip to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore that we are pleased to announce she will be returning very soon to give a series of 2 day lectures!

Taking place in Winter 2011 the Masterclass sessions in Delhi, Singapore and China will be for interior design professionals.

If you’d like to be a part of this amazing opportunity please email to register your interest and which city you’re in.

Photo Credit: The photo of the gorgeous antique globe is by simonkoleznik


The importance of life offline

On Friday my twitter friends @Modenus @tkpleslie and @designmilk (Veronika Miller, Leslie Carothers and Jaime Derringer respectively) were chatting about the somewhat unrealistic expectations people have of what twitter or blogs can do for them and that it should be seen as more of a showcase of your perspective, skills and projects.

I couldn’t agree more! When I looked to set up my own blog it was about connecting with people, communicating about all sorts of things (including some of my projects) and pulling together a great list of my favourite blogs so others could be inspired by them too. I love writing for my blog and being able to connect with others but again I want to quote my friends when it comes to the importance of life offline to your business.

Veronika (@Modenus) posted on twitter:

I couldn’t agree more! In March alone I have trips planned to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Russia so that I can meet suppliers, licensees and new partners face to face. Though it is really tiring travelling abroad it is really important to be there for the beginning of a project or business relationship because not only is it exciting but it’s really nice to mark the occasion.
For me Trade shows like Maison & Objet in Paris are important when showcasing new product, they are where buyers and press assemble to find the next big thing and to assemble the trends of the season.

But mostly I love meeting my retailers, it makes the process more personal, I can fully brief them on my inspiration tell them how the collection works together etc so that we are all on the same page. The retailers are an extension of my brand.

It’s also great hearing what people think about the collections and seeing people’s reactions because when you work so hard and over an extended period of time on a collection seeing it in situ and talking about it is wonderful….the hard work is worth it!

Since Maison & Objet Show in Paris is a trade show and not everyone is able to attend I made sure to get a few images posted on my Facebook and I even put up a YouTube video so everyone could see what my stand looked like and the projects I’ve been working on. Her are a few of those pictures…I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

In the meantime as great as twitter is for chatting with amazing people around the world nothing beats taking those relationships offline and meeting them in person so I hope I’ll be able to meet my twitter friends in person soon.


Get Kelly to Decorate your home!

Britain’s first lady of interior design, Kelly Hoppen MBE, is looking for people for a new TV series*!

Are you passionate about the interior of your home, but struggling to get the perfect look you’re after?

Do you want rooms that make a statement, but worry that they’re saying all the wrong things?

If you’d like to take part – and have Kelly Hoppen decorate some of your home – please email

*The show is filmed in the UK so participants must be UK residents