Paris -> Shanghai -> Taipei

A lot of my work involves travel, whether I am meeting clients or visiting trade fairs, giving lectures, and September has been a great example of how these extended trips work.

The trip started on 8th September with a 3 day trip to Maison Objet in Paris launching the new furniture pieces within my furniture collection. My stand looked amazing, it really gives you an insight as to how the collection can work within a living space, either as single pieces or as a whole.

The fair is a great time to meet potential suppliers and resources for my own studio as well as displaying my products to potential stockists as well as meeting the world media who are all there to find the latest ‘it’ product.

From Maison I flew onto the China Furniture Fair in Shanghai to launch the new pieces in my furniture collection. I love spending time in Asia and am always overwhelmed at the reception that I receive.

I stayed at the PuLi hotel which was an absolute joy to my senses. The interiors are fantastic, calming, clean lines, amazing symmetry. As i have always said East Meets West Rocks!

After a full day at the fair i headed to a welcome party and book signing at Alexandre’s Heng Shan Store. Alexandre are a major stockist of my collection within Asia.

The following day after a morning at the fair I then headed on to an amazing event at the Agricultural Bank of China where i designed the VIP room for their clients and held a seminar on my design style.

After my talk I headed to a whirlwind of press interviews and TV appearances.

The hospitality of my Asian friends and fans never ceases to amaze me. I was given so many beautiful bunches of flowers and gifts I am always looked after.

After a very eventful trip in Shanghai I travelled on a night flight to Taipei. It was my first time in Taiwan so I was feeling very excited about the trip, even though it was to be a flying yet very packed visit.

Well I never expected to receive the welcome that I did as i arrived into Taipei airport! I felt like a rock star! thank you so much to all that came out to support me, I am so hugely touched and will never forget it.

Taipei is an amazing city! I stayed in a beautiful suite at Le Meridien and quickly headed to bed in preparation for a very busy day ahead.

The following day, I met with some of my interiors clients before heading to an amazing event at Alexandre.

The book signing was so exciting, there was literally a mob of lovely faces all waving their books ready for me to sign.

During the evening I was honoured to be invited to dinner by the director of the National Palace of Taipei. It was incredible to spend time with such interesting and knowledgeable people.

I have also been given the honour of viewing the palace archives for an inspirational design trip during my next visit to Taipei which is amazing!

The following day I met with some new clients and viewed the site of our new development. It is always fascinating to see an empty plot of land and the proposed plans of what we are trying to create within the space. It is very inspiring for all involved.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making the section of my trip such a wonderful experience. I will be back soon! Kelly x

Next stop ——-> Moscow 18th September 2011


Hello China!

After nearly a month’s work, my Chinese “Facebook” and “Twitter” are finally ready!

I am so happy that I can now connect directly with my Chinese fans… and you can connect with me now too!

I adore visiting visiting China and had a wonderful welcome on my last trip to Hongkong and Shenzhen! As you know, I am a proud partner of two Chinese companies. Halo designed my furniture range and Alexandre is the wonderful retailer that sells my products in mainland China.

Aside from the business I also have friends on my Facebook page from Taiwan. It seemed like a perfect time to connect my Chinese fans on their own sites in Mandarin.

I do have some help from Li Chen and Qiaoshen Wu with the translations and helping me stay connected on all my special Chinese profiles…But it is really me sharing my thoughts, inspirations and projects!

I have pages on Kaixin, Douban and Weibo. I even have an account in Tianya community, where I share fantastic images regularly. I’m still waiting on Renren page but it is coming very soon.

I’m so thrilled to be able to make new friends and share my passions with the Chinese people. I hope you will join me on my Chinese profiles.

Kelly x




我一直都很喜欢来中国,还记得在上一次的香港,深圳之旅中自己受到了非常热情的欢迎!此外,我在中国还有一些合作项目,Halo和Alexandre(亚利山卓)是目前我所合作的两家中国企业。其中,Halo负责设计我的系列家具, Alexandre(亚利山卓)则是我在中国大陆地区的产品代理。







Furniture range now available at Barker & Stonehouse

I am thrilled to announce that my furniture collection will be available at the fantastic Barker & Stonehouse store in Newcastle as well as online through their site! I am so proud of this collection I’ve created with Halo furniture and am really excited to be bringing it to the North East of England. Barker & Stonehouse were the right fit for me an my collection with a 65 year history in furniture retail, commitment to customer service and they effort they make in giving back through their environmental work with Trees4Trees.

To celebrate our partnership I’ll be travelling up to Newcastle for an evening event at the store on June 30th. I hope you’ll come out to say hello and see the new collection yourself. I can’t wait to see what my friends in the Northeast think of my furniture.

Kelly xx


My Trip to Asia

I started this month with a trip to Asia and I am ending it with a trip to Russia so March has been quite the month!

I always love going to Asia because it is such a dynamic modern place to do business while at the same time having such a rich cultural history and sense of aesthetics. This juxtaposition works seamlessly so when I wrote my book East Meets West a few years ago I had no doubt I’d be able to intertwine my own love two distinct traditions of interiors design by finding a sense of balance which borrowed from each of them.

My first stop was Hong Kong which I adore and always make a point of visiting en route to other destinations in Asia.

Then it was off to Shenzhen in mainland China to visit luxury furniture retailer Alexandre who are stocking my new furniture collection with Halo.

The store was an incredible 70,0000 sq feet but it was the people at Alexandre who really stood out. They were so welcoming and really enthusiastic about the new line which is really important to me after investing so much time and effort into getting it just right.

When they asked me to sign a few of the leather trunks to make them ‘special editions’ I had a moment of panic….who would want to mark that beautiful surface! In the end I gave in so a few lucky people will have these ‘one time only’ signed trunks as I won’t be in a hurry to do that again.

I also wanted to make sure the customers at Alexandre had signed copies of my books so made short work of what seemed like a mountain of books. It was so overwhelming to have the people at the launch event coming up to me with copies of my old books and telling me how they were inspired to change their own homes. I was really overwhelmed by the support of the Chinese fans and can’t wait to go back for my lecture series.

Then it was off to Singapore for the IFFS Tradeshow. I attended Maison & Objet in January but it was great to be able to speak to interiors profiessionals from Asia Pacific about my new collection. I’ve mentioned it before that even though I believe the digital space empowers us as professionals by allowing us to make connections all over the world nothing can compare to being able to meet people and speak them face to face about your collection.

Next week I’m off to Russia for the ground breaking of an exciting new project. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on it with you.