Passport from: Paris

I’ve just returned from Paris, where I visited with some of my design team as part of a trip to seek inspiration from the city and from Maison Objet – which I’ve attended in the past. It was a fantastic trip and we got to see some new designs, but I was more interested in the vintage finds Paris had to offer.

Maison Objet in Paris

We visited Maison Objet, which is held on the outskirts of Paris. It’s a huge trade fair and there is usually heaps of inspirational pieces here, with new designs and ideas. However, it saddens me to say that this year it wasn’t the case. I was disappointed by the lack of newness and for an event that is supposed to be synonymous with design and creativity, there was just the same old same old. I’d rather go to just one hall of complete newness than walk around a whole fair of things I’ve already seen. There were several inspirational new companies full of great design and newness who did not simply borrow from others, so it was worth going for that. For me, I need new and unique designs as it’s what I and my clients expect. However, it gave me a taster for Maison in Singapore – where I’ll be launching my fantastic range of design-led baths with Apaiser. More to come on that soon!

Vintage Markets in Paris

I absolutely loved walking around the vintage stores and markets in Paris on the hunt for antique finds. I got loads of inspiration here and there’s something satisfying about rummaging around in what could potentially be a pile of junk, only to find a spectacular piece. It got me thinking about how amazing design has been through the ages. How do we catch up with iconic pieces from the past and bring the innovative creativity back to what we see in the present day. I saw loads here and it will keep my creative brain ticking over for a while. I would recommend visiting Les Puces market at Saint Ouen. Sometimes you see something that is simply part of an antique that can create a new design idea in your head.

My design team in Paris

As well as design hunting, it was a great opportunity to spend some time with some of my design team. I’m very close to my team and we all work together when we’re happy – and nothing satisfies more than good food! We visited Le Voltaire which is one of my favourite restaurant in Paris that I loved as a child. And reminds me of my father We also went to a particularly chic restaurant called La Societe and a few other places for lunch – which were all fantastic.

For me, Paris is the definitely a destination for design inspiration. Stick to the vintage markets and antique dealers to find the best pieces, but have some cash in your pocket as they can be quite expensive. I’m now looking ahead to my trip to Asia, visiting Shanghai as an ambassador of the GREAT Campaign and opening Maison Objet in Singapore – I hope to get lots of great ideas from this trip and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with all the details before I go!

Love Kelly x

The Samsung Home Innovation Space

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I have recently teamed up with Samsung to launch a fantastic new live home experience in Harrods. It is a project that I am very proud of and excited to tell you all about – The Samsung Home Innovation Space.

I have designed a sleek, luxurious environment, that marries perfectly with Samsung’s belief in mixing form and function to complement our homes and make our lives easier. This was achieved by using neutral colours and contrasting textures to surround and envelope the sleek design of Samsung’s luxury technology, like their NEO cooking series.

In my opinion, our homes are one of the most important aspects of our lives! The most important thing that I wanted to showcase with this project is how style and technology can absolutely go hand in hand.

I hope that you go and enjoy the experience at Harrods, on the second floor.



Pearl 75 Virtual Tour

Last month saw the launch of the Pearl 75, a new Yacht with an interior personally designed by Kelly, in collaboration with Pearl Yachts. Now you can have a look around and experience Kelly’s Yacht for yourself with this virtual tour. Click on the following link to have a look around:


Kelly on QVC

Kelly will be presenting another marathon with QVC! This time it’s all kicking off tomorrow – Tuesday September 4th at Midnight with five more appearances throughout the course of the day as follows:

Midnight 1hour show

4.00 1 hour show

8.00 1 hour show

12.00 1 hour show

19.00 1 hour show

22.00 1 hour show

Kelly will be focusing on providing some fresh, inspirational ideas for the home as we all return from the summer holiday period, so remember to tune in for some great styling and home décor tips! Kelly always has a great time with QVC so be sure to tune in and get involved – tweet or call into the studio for some first hand tips from Kelly herself!

There’s also a competition running via Twitter for the chance to WIN one of three great QVC prize packs – so be sure to tune in, follow Kelly for details and tweet along!

You can find QVC on Sky Digital (640), Freeview (16), Virgin TV (740) and Freesat (800).



Kelly has partnered with Ryvita® to design a limited edition tin to celebrate all that’s British in this exciting year.

Using the base colours of the Ryvita® logo of red and white, as well as her signature colour taupe, the tin has a striking, modern asymmetric design.

This ‘designer’ tin is a first for Ryvita® and Kelly was thrilled to work with the iconic British brand to create something that celebrated the Jubilee and all the other exciting sporting and cultural events taking place in the UK this year.

A fan of the cripsbreads herself Kelly shared her favourite toppings in an interview as well as a recipe her daughter Natasha, owner of Honestly Healthy and recent Author, showed her.

The limited edition tin is available to buy via the Ryvita® website at and is priced £4.99, including postage & packing.

Kelly will also be hosting a special competition on her Facebook page giving out tins to those that share their images of how they celebrated the Jubilee weekend.

Barkli Virgin House – Moscow

And so I landed yesterday on the final leg of my tour, Moscow for the press launch of Barkli Virgin house today.

Barkli Virgin House, the Moscow residential project designed by myself for design company yoo, and developed by The Barkli Corporation. The development consists of 21 apartments, including two penthouses as well as featuring my designs in the common areas including the lobby and an external terrace. Located on Moscow’s renowned Golden Mile, the development aims to set new standards in the Russian luxury homes market.

I arrived into Moscow airport after a long flight from Taipei via Singapore and quickly swung by my hotel before heading directly to the site to add the final touches to the installation before today’s press launch. It is always great fun working with Yoo, I have known John Hitchcox (below) for many years.

The show suite looks amazing, I am thrilled with the end result. It is funny, even though I visualise how a space will look when I design it I am always blown away by the end result, blown away by the way it is as I pictured it in my minds eye.

To view some of my phone snaps of the show apartment please take a peek at my facebook site (professional shots to follow) –

Today has been a whirlwind of press interviews, speeches and this evening we will be heading to a gala dinner for some well deserved food and drinks before a super early flight back to London in the morning.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard in making today’s event a success.

Kelly x

Next stop —> home (bed).


Paris -> Shanghai -> Taipei

A lot of my work involves travel, whether I am meeting clients or visiting trade fairs, giving lectures, and September has been a great example of how these extended trips work.

The trip started on 8th September with a 3 day trip to Maison Objet in Paris launching the new furniture pieces within my furniture collection. My stand looked amazing, it really gives you an insight as to how the collection can work within a living space, either as single pieces or as a whole.

The fair is a great time to meet potential suppliers and resources for my own studio as well as displaying my products to potential stockists as well as meeting the world media who are all there to find the latest ‘it’ product.

From Maison I flew onto the China Furniture Fair in Shanghai to launch the new pieces in my furniture collection. I love spending time in Asia and am always overwhelmed at the reception that I receive.

I stayed at the PuLi hotel which was an absolute joy to my senses. The interiors are fantastic, calming, clean lines, amazing symmetry. As i have always said East Meets West Rocks!

After a full day at the fair i headed to a welcome party and book signing at Alexandre’s Heng Shan Store. Alexandre are a major stockist of my collection within Asia.

The following day after a morning at the fair I then headed on to an amazing event at the Agricultural Bank of China where i designed the VIP room for their clients and held a seminar on my design style.

After my talk I headed to a whirlwind of press interviews and TV appearances.

The hospitality of my Asian friends and fans never ceases to amaze me. I was given so many beautiful bunches of flowers and gifts I am always looked after.

After a very eventful trip in Shanghai I travelled on a night flight to Taipei. It was my first time in Taiwan so I was feeling very excited about the trip, even though it was to be a flying yet very packed visit.

Well I never expected to receive the welcome that I did as i arrived into Taipei airport! I felt like a rock star! thank you so much to all that came out to support me, I am so hugely touched and will never forget it.

Taipei is an amazing city! I stayed in a beautiful suite at Le Meridien and quickly headed to bed in preparation for a very busy day ahead.

The following day, I met with some of my interiors clients before heading to an amazing event at Alexandre.

The book signing was so exciting, there was literally a mob of lovely faces all waving their books ready for me to sign.

During the evening I was honoured to be invited to dinner by the director of the National Palace of Taipei. It was incredible to spend time with such interesting and knowledgeable people.

I have also been given the honour of viewing the palace archives for an inspirational design trip during my next visit to Taipei which is amazing!

The following day I met with some new clients and viewed the site of our new development. It is always fascinating to see an empty plot of land and the proposed plans of what we are trying to create within the space. It is very inspiring for all involved.

I would like to thank everyone involved in making the section of my trip such a wonderful experience. I will be back soon! Kelly x

Next stop ——-> Moscow 18th September 2011


Nov 25 Event at Apple store in London: A Conversation with Kelly Hoppen

Last night Kelly gave a design master class at Apple’s London flagship store on Regent Street. I had a great time and learned a lot about the future of interiors in the digital space at the #designdebate on November 2 but last night was the first chance I had to hear Kelly talk about her design philosophy.

The session was billed as ‘a conversation with Kelly Hoppen MBE’ and Helen Chislett who has worked with Kelly on her books since 2001 lead the discussion. Helen kicked things off by asking Kelly just what is the ‘Hoppen’ style. Often imitated it’s influenced by her love of the east but not in the way you might think. Kelly cited eastern sentiment, lore and sensibility as influences rather than a particular style or technique. This makes more sense when you consider that Kelly believe that a style should never dictate what a person should have or use in their home but rather work with them as an individual. A home is, after all, a place you have to live in not a look to be maintained.

Kelly returned to the idea of the oft imitated ‘Hoppen’ style by saying that when she started her career she had an ‘ego’ and wanted to create things her way and was frustrated when people copied her style. A conversation with her life coach David Zelman early on helped her reframe this attitude into one of gratitude. Kelly now feels that one of the biggest things you can do with your life is to teach others what you know and feels honoured to be asked to help people design their homes. She feels the best compliment a designer can receive is a client saying ‘I feel like I’ve lived here all my life’. This approach has certainly served her well as her business has continued to go from strength to strength.

Helen also asked Kelly about her desire for symmetry in her interiors. We all know Kelly is an unprecedented talent but I was surprised to hear that she first enters a room she see lines almost like graph paper. It’s this visual sense that leads her to want symmetry and balance in a space. But as Kelly says symmetry is not about 2 vases on either side of a fireplace it is about the balance and texture of the whole environment. Thinking of the space as a whole allows to you create real symmetry and balance which in turn makes a space calming.

Kelly also finds inspiration in organic shapes and objects which often serve as the staring point for her designs. She was keen to stress that organic doesn’t mean something alien and altruistically green rather it’s about natural shapes or texture of fabrics.

For Kelly a lot of the ‘organic’ concept has to do with texture. Beyond accent fabrics when Kelly talks about texture she means the body of the building. She did an experiment in her own home covering the space in only linen fabrics. She was surprised to see the reaction of her friends and their desire to reach out and touch the fabrics. Even though she limited herself to one fabric, shadow and depth were created in the space which really drew people in.

It’s not all about balance though…sometimes you need to rock the boat a bit. Fabrics work off one another to create a look. People mix and match prints and texture daily when they choose what to wear but for many the leap to mixing things up in the home is a step too far. Kelly felt people were afraid of creating a look for their homes because of the scale and costs which instantly knocked their confidence. She told us about a student she had in her design school who was so chic and fashionable but really struggled when it came to creating her mood board. Kelly couldn’t understand why someone who had obvious style couldn’t translate that to her space. So she came up with the analogy of dressing a space is just like you dress yourself. Think about what you want to say with your look and how you want to feel then start pulling together the fabrics and pieces that achieve it. This link seems to really work for Kelly’s student so she now speaks a lot about the link between fashion and interiors to help reinforce this idea in her school.

She’s known as the queen of neutrals but Kelly also highlighted the that neutrals aren’t actually neutral at all and that they work with certain sorts of colours.

Here are her thought on taupe

And here are the rules of thumb for sand

She also thought that zoning and the spaces in our homes have become increasingly important because we live in smaller homes so the upstairs/downstairs lives of our grand (in my case great) grandparents just doesn’t exist. It’s now really important to understand how your space works and how you want it to work. The kitchen has become a central focus but unless you like chatting with friends around the hob it shouldn’t be the hub of your home.

Lighting is another really important element of the home and actually can be the most expensive. In working with Rob Clift, Kelly has really become (ahem) switched on to the importance of light. We need natural light in our spaces in the day to make us happy and balance but equally we need sexy light at night to inspire us and great the right mood. Kelly cited an example I know I and most of woman kind can relate to…the dreaded bikini shopping experience…If only they could give us some flattering light in change rooms the experience would no longer be a source of annual dread! Even if you’re on a budget you should still be thinking about lighting in a space. Kelly suggested using a light source and literally drawing where you want your light to fall to create a dynamic environment as a simple and cheap way of creating a lighting scheme.

Kelly feels practicality is important in the home but we sometimes have moments of insanity and get something outrageous. These ‘Star pieces’ can be incorporated and often dictate a space but a room should only have one statement piece to keep things in check. Here is one star pieces Kelly has worked with that I think is stunning!

Kelly has worked with some amazing clients including the Beckham’s who wanted a new home in LA in six weeks which meant Kelly’s team in NY, LA and London were on all working so the office could be open 24 hours a day to meet the deadline! While it was a demanding schedule Kelly could not speak highly enough of the great relationship she had with the Beckham’s who she now counts as friends. When it comes to client relations, even if you are just starting out, you need to have a good relationship and find fun in the job. We all know that starting out a lot of jobs you choose are dictated by simply needing to work to earn in income but Kelly knows from experience that unless there is some element of a project that you enjoy you really won’t get the best out of yourself or the project.

Kelly also talked about her range with QVC and why she designs affordable ranges when her clientele tends to have pretty high budgets. Kelly said that she was far from a snob about where products come from and that it means a lot to her that she is able to design really good quality products at lower price points. She does not feel that there should be any barriers to people wanting to create their own beautiful space….so take that label snobs!

When asked about trends Kelly felt that they were a bit pointless. There is no reason to follow design unless it is good design. Even in fashion the people Kelly gravitates towards have a strong philosophy that and create clothing which reinforce this aesthetic statement regardless of trends. She will be releasing a trend report in 2011 but this is based on her observations about things which are emerging out of the recession. Think quality, comfort the rise of art buying not paint colours.

The floor was then open to Q&A and two questions that I thought were the most valuable were how to you translate your ideas to a client and how do you start in the design field. For client presentations Kelly felt it was really important that you get what is in your head on paper and not rely on mood boards. There are companies like MyDeco which can do this online. You should absolutely incorporate this cost into your fees and be clear with your clients that if they want to see something on paper they do have to pay. It’s not an expense you should be carrying yourself especially as a young designer.

When it came to tips for getting in the ‘Biz’ Kelly suggested internships. There are College and University courses but she felt that interning was a great way to get on the job training and that employers seeing you doing a good job would likely hire you…she has! Another route would be to go to Kelly’s design school (shameless plug on my part) and if you enter her facebook competition you could just win your place there!

All in all it was a great talk so thanks to Apple and Kelly for putting on such a great event!


Holiday Shopping and my QVC UK Marathon

Christmas shopping is well underway and I’ve been seeing lots of great gift ideas from my favorite bloggers Bodie and Fou, Design Milk and The Style Files on twitter this week. Be sure to take a look at these wonderful sites for really unique Christmas gift ideas!

Christmas shopping is also moving into top gear on QVC UK. A lot of people turn up their noses as teleshopping but I think it is a really wonderful way to think about how to make luxurious products that are really accessible.

The bedroom is probably the most important space in your home as it is where you relax and unwind. Knowing how important it is to create a welcoming space that feels like a sanctuary I wanted to create high quality collection that was really affordable so the bed linen, throws and pillows have prices ranging from £14 to a maximum of £140. The linens are really beautiful 100% Egyptian cotton with 500 thread count in white or taupe with great patterns like roses, lace, damask and my KH logo. If you’ve ever looked at the price of great quality sheets you’d know £140 for my 6 piece linen set is a real bargain! The feedback from customers who’ve got them is so positive that I’m really pleased I made the effort to create this luxurious yet affordable collection.

I think linens are a wonderful Christmas gift because they are something people will use and appreciate everyday. If £100-£140 for a set of sheets is a pit to pricey for your Christmas list then take a look at the reversible throw which is only £32.

You can shop on QVC UK at any time but it would be great if you kept an eye out for me on the TV Channel (Sky Digital: 640 Freeview: 16 Virgin TV: 740 Freesat: 800) and call in to help keep me awake during my 21hr marathon on November 23! It all kicks off at midnight and here are the times you can see me:

November 23, 2010 QVC UK Appearances:

00.00 (whole hour!)




16.00 QVC (whole hour!)


21.00 (whole hour!)

Image Credit: This collection of baubles was taken by JamesDGreat.


Answering the Critics

My app has been out for two weeks now and after an exciting launch and making it to the lifestyle section in the app store on both the UK and US sites I noticed a few not so favourable reviews.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but I was taken aback by comments that it was a catalogue for my products and light on content. When I looked to create the app I thought of my conversations with friends and experiences with students in my Design School to understand the common areas that people have trouble with.

I have actually been at dinner parties and had friends hosting the party ask me how to better rearrange their shelves! And I do believe that the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home so it needs to be a calm and welcoming environment. These experiences and personal views helped shaped what I thought would be best for the app which is why there is a section on shelving and bedding amongst other things.

As well as wanting an app that looked stylish and had fun interactive bits it was really important for me that it was, above all else, a useful tool. With the videos, the step by step tools and a bit of inspiration (without breaking the budget!) I created an app that I feel will really help people transform their own space. Though you can link to my books on Amazon you can’t actually purchase anything through the app so it’s not really that great of a catalogue!

When you create something everyone will have their thoughts on it but I hope that people won’t be deterred by the negative comments a few felt the need to post in the app store. If you want the thoughts of some great bloggers who have the app, tried the app and posted their own thought on it then take a look at Arianna Interiors, Bodie and Fou, ACHICA Living from the UK, Coco Pearl from Australia or the piece by Elaine Louie for the New York Times. In the meantime I’ll be busy thinking of new elements to add to my app to continue to give people the tools to create a beautiful home.

For those that have downloaded my app it would be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget that if you are in the UK you can use the tips to win a place at my Design School valued at £4,000!