WWF Donation

Kelly is not only working hard on interior design but also hasn’t forgotten about how important it is for the environment and protects our wildlife.

Recently Kelly has donated a place at her design school to the WWF Auction for tiger conservation. WWF has been working in tiger conservation since the early 1970s. However, the lack of sustained political will, anti-poaching and habitat protection efforts, coupled with the rise in global demand for tiger parts, have pushed tigers to the brink of extinction.

And their online auction is now open to celebrate the WWF’s 50th anniversary! This auction will help raise funds for WWF’s vital conservation work and includes some fantastic lots. You can get more information about the auction here. Why not make your donation now to protect our big cats!


Tomorrow campaign with The Prince’s Trust

Great News!

Kelly has teamed up with shopping channel QVC, to support the Prince’s Trust’s “Tomorrow” campaign to show young people they are the talent of Tomorrow.

The campaign just officially launched yesterday and urges employers to recognise young people as tomorrow’s industry leaders. It is organised by The Prince’s Trust , a youth charity that inspires young lives, helping disadvantaged young people into jobs and training.

Kelly will mentor 28-year-old Fay Martin, who overcame unemployment with help from The Prince’s Trust, to design a home interiors product that will be sold on QVC later this year.

Before coming to The Prince’s Trust, Fay had been unemployed for six months. She suffers from a chronic illness which makes it very difficult for her to hold down a full-time job and it has been an anxious time for her to live a proper life. So she decided to approach The Prince’s Trust for help.

Here’s a picture of Kelly and Fay.

QVC will also support the project, providing guidance on product development and retail. Philip Van De Merwe, QVC Buying Director, states: “We have been working with Kelly Hoppen and The Prince’s Trust for several years now, so it’s a natural step for us to be involved in the Tomorrow campaign. It’s great to see one of our established designers helping a young person to break into the industry. We’re looking forward to seeing the product they create together, which will be sold exclusively on QVC to raise money for an important and worthy cause.” You can also read a blog post on QVC website about the campaign.

Kelly will share her experiences and help inspire young people to have the confidence to pursue their passion. Female First featured Kelly in an article in their magazine too. For more information about “Tomorrow” campaign please visit Prince’s Trust website .

Stay tuned on Kelly’s Facebook and Twitter, we’ll keep you posted!


CNBC Meets Kelly Hoppen

If you missed Kelly on CNBC last night be sure to tune in when it repeats this weekend…this really is a must watch! CNBC reporter Tania Bryer not only sat down with Kelly but spoke with former client Gary Rhodes and Kelly’s dear friend and inspiration Vidal Sassoon.

Kelly spoke about her childhood and knowing early on that she had a real affinity for interiors. Aside from taking trips to show homes with her mother Kelly would style her own bedroom and make sure everything was just so…a designer in the making to be sure!

I was surprised to hear that Kelly had experienced bullying as a child and as a result never felt at ease at school. Though I’ve heard of many successful people who have experienced bullying it’s hard to image what those times must have been like for Kelly who was also struggling with undiagnosed dyslexia.

Kelly has spoken before about the importance of her relationship with her father but in the interview she shared what it was like to lose such an important person in her life. Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is never easy but Kelly rebounded from the tragedy with incredible resilience following her passion for interiors that began so early in life. Starting with nothing at just 16 she took on her first project and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was interesting to hear how she adapted in the face of the global economic downturn. As a self-made woman Kelly stated that it was very difficult times when her US opportunities seemed to dry up overnight. The thing I found interesting was the real sense of responsibility Kelly felt for all the people that depend on her for their own livelihoods. She is definitely a different breed of business owner.

Her unique take on business was made even more clear when she spoke about her belief in family and that she is always on call for her children even now that they are adults. Kelly spoke openly about her two marriages and her very modern family. It was really touching to hear about the bonds between Kelly, her daughters (Natasha, Sienna and Savannah) and Jo Miller that were forged in the difficult circumstances of Jo’s fight with breast cancer.

Though Kelly’s life did (and still does) revolve around her family when the girls went off to boarding school she returned to interiors in earnest. Since then her business has flourished and aside from working with amazing clients (Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Victoria Beckham to name a few) her unique vision has turned into an ever expanding range of products. From furniture, to accessories, and from paints and wallpapers to home fragrence and kitchens there is no part of the home that can’t have a touch of the Kelly Hoppen!

She spoke about her desire and commitment to growing her global business by highlighting the focus she has placed on the Asian market. Kelly will be China from December 9-11 but in the last 6 months she has also launched profiles on Chinese language platforms so she can speak directly to her fans in their own language. She is on Weibo, Kaixin, RenRen, Douban and Xiaozhan. While her travel schedule can be gruelling Kelly is dedicated to helping her business reach new heights (and markets).

Perhaps it’s seeing so much of the world that has really spurned Kelly on to look for ever more opportunities to give back. While she is committed to sharing her knowledge with students in her design school she has also partnered with Earth Couture to create an organic ethical fashion line that helps fight the spread of malaria in Africa. There are even plans in place to share a percentage of the sales of her new furniture rage withcharity.

Kelly also shared her thoughts on being honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for her work with charity, employing British workers and raising the profile of a truly British brand. I was really touched by the comments made by Kelly’s mentor and friend Vidal Sassoon who said she was a woman of unique vision who has an amazing future in store that may surprise people. The “Kelly for Prime Minister” campaign started with Vidal Soon but we think it has real legs.

I’ve had the pleasure of working for Kelly for just over a year and a half now and even I was surprised by the things Kelly shared in this interview. If you’ve ever wondered what has shaped Kelly into the incredible businesswoman and inspiration she is today all your questions will be answered in this interview!

The programme airs in the UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and on CNBC World in America at the following times so be sure to tune in:

Rebroadcast time:

Saturday 19/11 at 21:30 gmt/22:30 cet

Sunday 20/11 at 19:30 gmt/ 20:30 cet

Monday 21/11 at 22:30 gmt/23:30 cet

Wednesday 22/11 at 22:30 gmt/23:30

Here in the UK it is on the following channels:

Sky (505), Virgin (613), Talk Talk (510), and Freesat (210)


Place your bids! Kelly and Her Chair for Pink Swan Project

Kelly along with other 18 internationally celebrated architects, interior designers and fashion designers have custom-designed the iconic Fritz Hansen Swan Chair (originally designed by Arne Jacobse) in an effort to raise fund for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

These images were taken at the Gagosian Gallery in London. The auction goes until Monday October 31 so place your bids for this one of a kind creation to help an amazing charity.


Setting the example…The Jamie Oliver Foundation

I’ve talked about how making small changes can make a big difference and how important mentoring is not only to students but to me as well. In this post I want to talk about the good work being done by Jamie Oliver through his amazing foundation.

For the last 11 years Jamie has made it his mission to use food as a way of improving the lives of people around the world. Here in the UK he’s campaigned for better school dinners, encouraged people to toss takeaways in favour of making meals and provided at risk youth with a means of changing their lives around by working in the food industry. Now he’s even taking his campaign to America and start a food revolution!

The work Jamie does inspires me in so many ways, not least of which is because I’ve been aware of the importance of nutrition from the age of 17. Mostly, though it’s his dedication to improving the lives of young people that has had the most impact on me. Jamie is truly passionate about reconnecting young people to the food they eat not only to protect their health and combat obesity but to develop basic skills like cooking and veg gardening. These programme as aimed at school children but his fifteen foundation picks up where his school programmes leave off by offering people between the ages of 18-24 the chance to start a fulfilling career in food. If you haven’t been to a fifteen restaurant yet you should because each meal helps further fund the amazing programme.

Jamie is setting an inspiring example on how to change lives through something as simple as good food. I look forward to continuing to support Jamie and his amazing Foundation alongside my own charitable and mentoring schemes.


Small Choices Big Changes

I was approached by Meleni Bharwani, Creative Director of Earth Couture, to design a collection for her luxury Organic clothing range. This wasn’t as much of a departure as you might think as I’m passionate about design in all things and a firm believer in the benefits of organic living. But what really excited me about the project was Earth Couture’s dedication to making a difference in Africa. The idea for Earth Couture was born out of Melanie’s experiences living in Nigeria and her commitment to making positive change remains.

With each purchase from my collection a portion of the sales goes to purchasing mosquito coils to combat the spread of Malaria and AIDS. Malaria has been in the headlines recently and is a disease which affects half of the world’s population. In 2008 alone there were an estimated 243 million cases of malaria and nearly 863 000 deaths due to the disease. Being able to work with Earth Couture meant I could do my small bit to combating this terrible illness.

Aside from being in fashionable company when lounging in my new collection of luxurious ethical and organic clothing you’ll be making a real difference to combating Malaria. I hope you’ll look at my collection on the Earth Couture website, or if you’re in London, pop in to Harrods to see the range up close.