The importance of life offline

On Friday my twitter friends @Modenus @tkpleslie and @designmilk (Veronika Miller, Leslie Carothers and Jaime Derringer respectively) were chatting about the somewhat unrealistic expectations people have of what twitter or blogs can do for them and that it should be seen as more of a showcase of your perspective, skills and projects.

I couldn’t agree more! When I looked to set up my own blog it was about connecting with people, communicating about all sorts of things (including some of my projects) and pulling together a great list of my favourite blogs so others could be inspired by them too. I love writing for my blog and being able to connect with others but again I want to quote my friends when it comes to the importance of life offline to your business.

Veronika (@Modenus) posted on twitter:

I couldn’t agree more! In March alone I have trips planned to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Russia so that I can meet suppliers, licensees and new partners face to face. Though it is really tiring travelling abroad it is really important to be there for the beginning of a project or business relationship because not only is it exciting but it’s really nice to mark the occasion.
For me Trade shows like Maison & Objet in Paris are important when showcasing new product, they are where buyers and press assemble to find the next big thing and to assemble the trends of the season.

But mostly I love meeting my retailers, it makes the process more personal, I can fully brief them on my inspiration tell them how the collection works together etc so that we are all on the same page. The retailers are an extension of my brand.

It’s also great hearing what people think about the collections and seeing people’s reactions because when you work so hard and over an extended period of time on a collection seeing it in situ and talking about it is wonderful….the hard work is worth it!

Since Maison & Objet Show in Paris is a trade show and not everyone is able to attend I made sure to get a few images posted on my Facebook and I even put up a YouTube video so everyone could see what my stand looked like and the projects I’ve been working on. Her are a few of those pictures…I can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

In the meantime as great as twitter is for chatting with amazing people around the world nothing beats taking those relationships offline and meeting them in person so I hope I’ll be able to meet my twitter friends in person soon.


My First Blog Post!

This is the first post on my new blog and I’m quickly learning that blogging is a very personal expression. I followed the recent Design Democracy Blog Awards hosted by My Deco and was actually asked to be a part of the judging panel which picked ‘Best Interior Design Dlog in Great Britain’… what an honour and a challenge! Over 7500 people cast their votes for their favourite commercial, independent and newcomer blogs with the prizes being awarded to Puff & Flock, We Heart and Arianna Interiors respectively.

I really enjoy looking at the nominated blogs but judging them for merit was another thing completely because each one was so unique and clearly the voice and vision of the blogger. Lobster and Swan, PopArtRockGirlYeah! and Confessions of a Design Geek were on our short list and ultimately Confessions of a Design Geek was awarded the prize for Best Interior Design Blog in Great Britain.
This is a wonderful example of how blogging should be, Katie is clearly passionate about her subject and her posts show real enthusiasm.

She offers an interesting mix of architecture, interiors and creative resources and her blog really is a great read. A look at my blog list shows that I love looking at a variety of blogs, design and otherwise, on the web and each one presents a distinct point of view which is ultimately really personal as they are talking about the things they are most passionate about. I hope that my blog will come to sit comfortably among them and become a place where I can share my thoughts, inspiration, insights and tips which help to inspire others just as the amazing blogs I follow inspire me.