2010 Round Up

Kelly and her family are on a much deserved holiday in Mauritius at the moment so as it’s nearly the end of 2010 I thought I’d post a quick recap of her higlights over the last year.

2010 has been a busy year for Kelly beyond her day job as a leading interior designer working with clients across the globe she released a range of furniture with Halo

introduced a new wallpaper collection with Graham & Brown

and added to her range of home fragrances with Welton London.

She also branched out producing a collection of luxury organic clothing with Earth Couture the sales of which help stop the spread of AIDS and Malaria in Africa.

She also broke new ground in the interiors world be releasing her ‘Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’ app which aside from having a chic design gives great tips and tricks for styling your bedroom, kitchen, shelves and table settings.

Needless to say Kelly has been speaking about her projects to journalists but she also made a big effort to fully embrace her move to digital and set an example for other designers so she reached out to some great design bloggers in the UK and US. Here is a recap of some great articles and blog posts that have come out over the past 6 months…happy reading!

Fans of Earth Couture

Kelly’s Friend and Client Victoria Beckham told Harper’s Bazar that Earth Couture is one of her favourite things in their September 2010 issue

Kelly’s Approach to Business

In the September 2010 issue of UK Marie Claire Kelly shared the secrets of her success

Kelly also chatted about the importance of Mentoring as part of a programme with Marie Claire (she’s working with her Mentee now).

The Future of Interior Design

Canadian lifestyle Blogger Jenn higlighted Kelly’s facebook page and her effort to embrace digital on her blog Callooh Calay

Kelly hosted a debate on the future of interiors in the digital space which was attended by key figures in the fashion, digital and mobile sectors as well as some of the UK’s top design bloggers. It was live tweeted so people across the globe could participate! You can see a transcript of the night here

Interior Design Tips

Kelly shared her tips on how to transform your bathroom in the October 10 issue of You Magazine

Image Credit: Mel Yates (it’s actually from her The Lakes by Yoo property)

Canadian Interior Designer Ivan Meade of Meade Design chatted with Kelly about her design influences as part of his ‘In Conversation with’ series
In November Kelly hosted a design master class at Apple’s UK flagship store on Regent Street in London. You can download a free podcast of her lecture here

Reviews of Kelly’s App ‘ Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’

UK interiors designer and stylist (and Kelly’s twitter friend!) Arianna Trapani has a sneak preview of Kelly’s design app

Karine Candice of desgin blog and gorgeous e-tail site Bodie and Fou reviewed Kelly’s app and chatted about the need for interior design publications to embrace digital

ACHICA Living staffer and star blogger Hamish reviewed Kelly’s app and recaped the comings and goings at her launch party

Image Credit: Richard Young/Rex Images

Will of UK lifestyle blog Bright Bazaar chose Kelly’s app as a few of his favourite things

Reknown Yoo Design Group showed their support and wrote a blog post on Kelly’s app

My Deco UK reviewed Kelly’s App on their blog

UK furniture designer and blogger Di reviewed Kelly’s app on Designer’s Block

US Design blogger Erica of DesignBlagh chatted about Kelly’s app

Kelly’s favourite things

Kelly shared her ‘Friday Five’ favourites of the moment with Jaime Derringer of Design Milk who BTW wrote two amazing guest posts for Kelly’s blog

Kelly invited OK Magazine into her home and chatted about friends, life and love

Kelly shared her holiday picks for great gift ideas with Marni on the Remote Stylist site…if you didn’t get them yourself there’s always the January sales 😉

Kelly shared her favourite vacation spots in England in Beautiful Britain Magazine

Kelly also shared her picks for great stocking fillers on the MyDeco website

P.S> Did you write about Kelly on your blog? If so we’d love to see your post so please send through a link xx

P.P.S> The image which you saw on the main blog before clicking through is from Tambako the Jaguar and it’s one last nod to the 2010 festive season :)


Wishing you a very Happy Holiday Season

2010 has been a whirlwind of activity so I am really looking forward to taking a break over the festive season and spending time with my family. I’m off to Mauritius (if the weather in London permits!) to relax and recharge but wanted to write one final message to thank you all so much for your support in 2010.

Venturing into blogging and twitter was all very new to me but I have loved being able to connect with you and chat with amazingly talented people across the globe. While there were many things I achieved this year it was my app that was the most exciting and really got me thinking in a new way about how to share my knowledge with others-I’ve got loads more ideas on new design tips for the app so keep an eye out for them in the new year.

2011 will also see the release of two books one of which is my autobiography. I can’t wait to share it with you as well as more design inspiration in the new year but for now I wish you and yours all the very best for the holiday season.



Image Credit: This lovely picture of snowflakes was taken by the bline


Free Event: A Conversation with Kelly Hoppen

Thursday night Kelly will be at Apple’s London Flagship store on Regent Street to talk about what makes the Kelly Hoppen Style with insights into selecting colour, fabric, lighting and furnishings to for your interior.
Kelly will also be talking about her current project and future plans for her business. This free event is a great chance to get design tips, business insights and future trends from Kelly herself.
I hope you’ll join us!

A Conversation with Kelly Hoppen MBE

Apple’s London Flagship Store
Thursday November 25, 2010
Programme starts at 19:00

Apple Store Regent Street
235 Regent Street
London, WC2E 8HA


Answering the Critics

My app has been out for two weeks now and after an exciting launch and making it to the lifestyle section in the app store on both the UK and US sites I noticed a few not so favourable reviews.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course but I was taken aback by comments that it was a catalogue for my products and light on content. When I looked to create the app I thought of my conversations with friends and experiences with students in my Design School to understand the common areas that people have trouble with.

I have actually been at dinner parties and had friends hosting the party ask me how to better rearrange their shelves! And I do believe that the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in your home so it needs to be a calm and welcoming environment. These experiences and personal views helped shaped what I thought would be best for the app which is why there is a section on shelving and bedding amongst other things.

As well as wanting an app that looked stylish and had fun interactive bits it was really important for me that it was, above all else, a useful tool. With the videos, the step by step tools and a bit of inspiration (without breaking the budget!) I created an app that I feel will really help people transform their own space. Though you can link to my books on Amazon you can’t actually purchase anything through the app so it’s not really that great of a catalogue!

When you create something everyone will have their thoughts on it but I hope that people won’t be deterred by the negative comments a few felt the need to post in the app store. If you want the thoughts of some great bloggers who have the app, tried the app and posted their own thought on it then take a look at Arianna Interiors, Bodie and Fou, ACHICA Living from the UK, Coco Pearl from Australia or the piece by Elaine Louie for the New York Times. In the meantime I’ll be busy thinking of new elements to add to my app to continue to give people the tools to create a beautiful home.

For those that have downloaded my app it would be great to hear your thoughts and don’t forget that if you are in the UK you can use the tips to win a place at my Design School valued at £4,000!


Debating the future of interiors #designdebate

I’ve written before about my ‘Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’ App and today was thrilled to find out that it had made the ‘New and Noteworthy’ page in the itunes and App Store both here in the UK and in the US. It’s sort of like landing the front cover of a Magazine or Newspaper so I am really honoured that Apple believes in my app so much!

I decided early this year that I really needed to embrace the digital space not only for my business but to be a part of the amazing global design community that is flourishing online. Just take a look at my blog roll for talented people around the world who are truly passionate about design.

So I renamed by twitter profile (I didn’t want anyone stealing my name!), hired someone to create a facebook a page and help me manage this blog and of course worked on creating an amazing design app that was not only gorgeous but offered practical and affordable solutions for people needing inspiration for their homes.

Before I started on this journey I noticed that the interiors industry is really lagging behind in the digital space when compared with the work being done by fashion houses and music labels. I talk about the influence fashion has on interior design in my school but it looks like the interior design world needs to be looking at the approach the fashion industry has taken on the web and mobile apps as well.

On Tuesday Nov 2 at 19:00 GMT I will be hosting a panel discussion here in London about what the world of interiors needs to being doing not only to follow the lead of the fashion and music industry, but to find new ways of harnessing the power of the digital space. We have some great panellists including Leon Bailey-Green from The Online Fashion Agency, James Hilton from M& C Saatchi Mobile and Richard Cohen from leading online platform Kyte (the one used by Lady Gaga’s team). The debate is being chaired by Moira Benigson of The MBS Group who I met at an event for The Jamie Oliver Foundation.

I really want this to be a lively and dynamic debate so I hope you will follow our live tweeting and pose questions to the panel. Just include #designdebate in your tweet to have your voice added to the mix and follow the conversation by typing #designdeabte into TwitterSearch.

This funny little photo is by Krupp who actually did the embroidery…thought it was cute but also quite appropriate!


Party Tips!

Making time for friends is important and what better way to do so then by hosting an amazing party! I LOVE entertaining and making sure my friends are having a great time. There are lots of elements to making sure you’re party is a success but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Good lighting (re: candles) and the right music help create a welcoming environment. Loads of food, and of course booze, help too. Hosting a party is about setting a scene and can be as extravagant as you like if you get the basics right.
On my app I have a section on table decorations for hosting a dinner party and if you have an open space kitchen/diner how to make your a chic space with a few simple tricks. As the host of the host of the party you should be having just as good a time as your guests and keeping in mind these simple tips will help take away the stress.

The image here is a shot of one of the table settings I show you how to create in my ‘Home Style by Kelly Hoppen’ app!


Launching my App today!

Today I am launching my design application for the iPhone! I am so excited because I created it as a tool for you and now you finally get to see it! It is beautifully designed (naturally) and easy to use because I want to give you insights into quick, easy and inspiring ways to design elements for your home. I’ve covered bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and even how to arrange shelves in a chic way. Actually, I was at dinner at a friends house recently and he asked me to rearrange his shelves for him…it only took me a few minutes but he said he never would have thought to do what I did. So I know the tools in my app will help you too!

Aside from being a great ‘how to guide’ through images, videos and text I also have videos on tips and inspirations which I hope will make the app even more dynamic and useful to you. This app will help design novices get the tools and confidence to decorate their space and for design enthusiasts I hope you’ll find the ideas fresh and inspiring. I can’t wait for you to get the app and try it for yourself but here is a video to show you a bit about it in the meantime please take a look at my video for the Home Style by Kelly Hoppen app!