Paintafish Campaign


The WWF has been campaigning on the Common Fisheries Policy for a number of years, with a major boost when the European Parliament’s Fisheries Committee voted through crucial amendments to the Common Fisheries Policy reform package, giving the ‘thumbs up’ to ambitious reform.

Now WWF are running an online campaign, and being passionate about our oceans, Kelly is keen to show her ongoing support to save our fish stock.

This engaging and fun campaign has a crucial aim, to mobilise the public to show MEPs that we care about the future of our oceans. They are encouraging people all throughout the UK and Europe to get in touch with their MEPs about the Common Fisheries Policy.


WWF are asking people to paintafish and then send an email to their MEP, before presenting these fish to MEPs at the European Parliament on 6th February (tomorrow!!).

Kelly’s request?

Get involved! With only one day left, it’s critical to get as many people involved to help the campaign created a needed and lasting impact!

Get excited about the campaign, paint your own fish, apart from anything else and the good cause it supports, it’s fun!

Take a break, paint-a-fish, support WWF and save our with Kelly. Click on paintafish to paint yours now!