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This week the government are launching a new campaign to Get Britain Working. One of the themes they are helping people with is how to dress to impress a potential employer in an interview or an existing employer for that all important promotion. Continue reading


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I recently launched my ebay collections alongside fellow curators Reggie Yates, Dannii Minoque and Alex James. As a designer I use Pinterest obsessively so when ebay asked me to participate in this project I lept at the opportunity because I love the creativity of it and the idea of sharing our passions with each other. I’m already ridiculously addicted. Continue reading



Spring is a time of awakening after a long dark winter and when people feel inspired to clean out and refresh their homes. There are new fresh smells, sounds and life all tantalising your senses inspiring you to regenerate your living space. This can be a really cathartic exercise signifying the start of something new, something optimistic and exciting. Continue reading

In Praise of Digital

Like me, I’m sure many of you start your Saturday and Sunday with a review of the newspapers giving special attention to the magazines. I love this relaxing weekend ritual, but I’ve recently found myself pulling papers and magazines up on my iPad rather than flipping through the pages.

When creating my own website www.kellyhoppen.com I spent a lot of time looking at other websites and digital magazines on my iPad. In the process I also developed a real love for pinterest, easily getting lost in all the stunning images other people have found inspiring. I’m now pinning as well as using tear sheets creating a hybrid between digital and print for my design boards.

What I adore most about digital magazines and apps is that stories and products really come to life thanks to the efforts of creative people who are embracing their potential. A great example would be the lovely Carole and Arianna at Heart Home Magazine. I remember when these talented women first launched their digital magazine. It was fresh, innovative and fantastically well done.

They took their magazine to the next level by launching it as an iPad app. It’s a high quality magazine made even better by the ability to swipe and explore. The titles reveal themselves over beautifully art directed photography. You can tap and zoom, or tap and shop, or tap and learn with their cleaver dots that offer you more. I especially love the ability to zoom in on the images to see items that catch my eye in more detail. It really creates a sense of fun and exploration that I think is uniquely inspired by Carole and Arianna’s experience as designers. We simply see things differently and aren’t afraid to take a new approach to create the experience we are after. That was certainly the approach I embraced when it came to building my own website.

Whilst weekend papers and magazines will always be a part of both my professional and leisure time, I’m enjoying the unique experiences offered by their digital versions and quality iPad applications. I encourage you to take a look at the beautiful Heart Home app not only for the thoughtful editorial, but also for the experience of exploring stories in a new way.