Having a positive mental attitude is the basis of a good personal wellbeing. If you believe it, you can do it. The minute you start to doubt yourself you fill your mind and body with negative energy which can, before you know, take you out of the game. So, first and foremost be positive, have confidence, believe in yourself and with an attitude like that success won’t be too far away. Continue reading



When creating the perfect home it’s not just about the way it looks but about the way it feels. I design all my homes with Feng Shui in mind because I believe it’s important for the energy of a space to flow positively which helps create the feeling and mood your home needs. Continue reading


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The Kelly Hoppen London team have been working really hard this week setting up our stand at the Spirit of Summer Fair, Olympia London. It is the first time we have exhibited at the fair and the first time we have showcased the collection to the public, so it’s an incredibly exciting time for us.

This meant it was incredibly important to make sure the stand’s first impression had the ‘wow’ factor and that every item in the collection was displayed to achieve maximum impact, especially in such a small area. When displaying so many items collectively, it is easy for some items to be overshadowed by others, so it’s important that everything was positioned cleanly and purposefully.

Some people might think that putting items on display is just a question of just that, putting them on display, but believe it or not there is an art to it. Here are my top tips for the art of display:

Decide the colour-code you want to use. The items you are using must have a relationship between them. Make sure your designated area is completely empty before you start, giving you a blank canvas.

The key to a good display is to keep it simple and fluid and only use the pieces you are most proud of.

Repetition, repetition, repetition. I often use several of the same piece in a display. I find it visually striking.

For me the one DON’T when creating a display is to put one large object in the centre and balance with symmetrical pieces on either side, creating an altar type effect.

Wherever you are displaying on a tabletop or a shelf, start with the tallest piece first. Put it to one side and position the other items in decreasing order.

If you are adding photographs to the display, your mantra is ‘overlay and layer’ to create depth and interest. Lean and overlap frames of differing sizes rather than lining up the same size frame in a row.

When you place items next to each other place them side by side and not at an angle to each other.

Less is more. You do not have to completely fill the space, in fact, it’s important to make sure there is space around each item you are displaying so each can be seen and admired individually. If you put too many items together you risk losing some of them and making it look crowded and cluttered.

When you are happy with your display, walk away from it for a bit and then return to it to see it afresh and make sure you are happy with it.

The most important tip though is BE BRAVE! It is an expression of yourself so be creative and don’t be afraid to move things around every few months to keep giving your home a fresh new feel.

If you would like to visit us at the Spirit of Summer fair, you can find out more about it here and our exclusive ticket offer here:


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This week the government are launching a new campaign to Get Britain Working. One of the themes they are helping people with is how to dress to impress a potential employer in an interview or an existing employer for that all important promotion. Continue reading