Feng Shui: Positive Energy for 2013

Last week I had Feng Shui expert, Richard Ashworth, visit my office in preparation for creating the best flow and energy for everyone at KHI this coming year. His work has always inspired me, so I thought I’d write a blog about it.

When designing a space, I always look to create spaces that allow people to instantly feel at ease. Whilst colours and textures are always important, determining how the space will be used and the flow of energy throughout the room is equally important. A well-balanced energy will help people to feel they have always lived in the space, something I continually strive for when designing for clients.

The concept of flow and energy of a space is nothing new as the art of Feng Shui can attest to. Richard has helped me organise my office space to ensure it is a place my whole team can work, create and be inspired. Often Feng Shui tips can come down to the simplest of things, such as the prominence of natural light. Richard has advised a tune-up for my office this year, simple things like addressing the position of furniture, dim lighting, or having a clear out is often enough to make your work space more welcoming.

Richard also performed the ritual within the office disarming the Wu Huang, or Five Yellow Star, which is a troublesome influence on the sectors it flies into for the year. With the Wu Huang being at the heart of every building this year, Richard is performing the ritual in both my Office and Home space this year. Richard also left me a Monkey Amulet, which he advised for me to carry on my person at all times from the Solstice (December 21st), for protection during the Snake year after having disarmed the Wu Huang. Being born in the year of the Pig, this is especially important for me. I am always grateful for Richard’s expertise, and the monkey is very cute!

I have always completely trusted Richard’s work, and creating the right energy in my workspace is incredibly important to me. You can easily have a second look at your own workspace too this coming year, to get the energy right and allow you to become as productive and balanced in them as possible.

Firstly, make sure your workspace is as distinct as possible, especially if you are working from home. Natural elements such as wood carvings or metals, as well as natural light and fresh air will encourage a positive flow of energy. Clutter can have a huge impact upon positive energy within your workspace, so try and keep things clutter free, and as position your desk away from doors and walls.

For a deeper insight into the benefits of Feng Shui and expert advise on how you can achieve a well-balanced energy this year, visit Richard’s blog.