Christmas 2012: My Top Taupe Trees

It’s official. Christmas has arrived and now is the season to allow your home to become your own creative playground!

Decorating your home at Christmas is the perfect way to illustrate what Christmas really means to you. I personally feel decorating the tree is the most important part. I tend to keep it light and simple, with my Christmas colours being silver and white and lots of fairy lights, to give it that extra special Christmas twinkle. I’ve loved seeing all your own trees, such a wonderful array of styles, colours and textures; it’s been hard to choose between them all.

But, I’m delighted to announce my Top Taupe Trees from you for 2012:

1. Steven Anderton

Steven’s tree instantly caught my eye, I love his use of use of different textures in his decorations. The metallic buables reflect the light against the dark green of the tree and I love the additional golden branches, giving it a simple yet eye-catching effect. The soft gold colour scheme and textures complement beautifully with the delicate fairy lighting.

2. Giovanni Mantelli

I love how Giovanni’s tree fits in beautifully with the surrounding interior of his home. I too like to keep my tree quite simple, which Giovanni has done, using a varied selection of complementing delicate baubles and decorations of a variety of metallic textures.

3. Shannen Marshall

Shannen’s colour scheme of taupes, creams and golds is a popular choice which gives an elegant finish to any Christmas tree. Shannen’s addition of Ribbon has created an eye-catching mixture of texture and extra twinkle against the dark pine of her tree.

4. Paul Harrison

Paul has chosen a classic Gold and Red theme for his Christmas tree, using a simple combination of beading and baubles to create a classic Christmas look. I like his traditional style, and his great lighting effect has helped to really create that warm, cosy Christmas feel.

5. Helen Davies

What I really like about Helen’s tree is that she has positioned it next to a window, which creates a warm, glowing reflection of the lights into the room – if not a treat for passers by! Again the simplicity of this tree caught my eye, with a mixture of contrasting yet complementing textures of the glass and material decorations creating a great finish.

6. Alison Dinsdale

I had to include Alison in my top taupe trees, being the most creative of them all! I love the fact that Alison’s tree is upside down, this is an adventurous and playful design, making it really stand out from the crowd!

7. Jill Evans

I was looking for my Top Taupe Trees and this is certainly that! Adorn with a variety of golden shades, Jill’s tree truly represents the sparkly, Christmas version of Taupe! I love the mix of bows, stars and traditional baubles on the tree, keeping it eye catching whilst conforming to the one colour.

Congratulations to my selected winners, I’m delighted to be sending you a signed copy of my latest book, Ideas, to help inspire you to create your perfect home.

I’d also like to send out a big thank you all of you who shared your wonderful tree designs with me, it was so nice to see them all and so tricky to choose between!

Last but not least, have a wonderful Christmas x