Arianna, Carole & Daniel – Heart Home Magazine: One Year On.

Heart Home – Arianna Trapani, Co Founder & Editor in chief.

I have always been an avid reader of interior/lifestyle digital magazines in which none of them were British. To me it was pretty obvious that there was a huge gap in the market and that it was only a matter of time before someone produced the first British interiors digital magazine. That’s where fate came in…

A coincidental meeting over drinks formed our team then and there and we have never looked back. In fact we were so enthusiastic with the idea that we just went for it. Looking back in hindsight, if we had thought about it too much, we probably would not have had the courage to go through with it. Sometimes over thinking things too much can have a negative effect, you never know how things turn out unexpectedly so sometimes it’s best to go with your gut feeling.

Heart Home Magazine was an idea that just felt so right at the time and it has been the best decision we have ever made. The response has been incredible considering we have only been going on for a year. The online support has been phenomenal which proved to us that the public was really yearning for an all British digital magazine. We couldn’t be happier with the result.

Heart Home has become such an important part of our lives that I cannot remember what it was like before. It’s our baby and we are so very proud of it. We are still developing as a brand and we have so many exciting new ideas on the horizon.

However running your own business can also be tricky. You have to really learn to separate work and personal life, which can be quite hard. You will face many hurdles along the way and there are moments where you may feel like giving up. It’s important to try and stay positive and I am very lucky to have an amazing team. It’s a lot of damn hard work but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Heart Home – Carole King, Co Founder & Editor in chief.

We did not have a five-year plan, a business plan or any sort of plan really. We just had an idea. We can’t even say it was a long held dream or a childhood fantasy. In fact it was just a chance conversation over a glass of wine and three people coming together at the right time.

But what we lacked in forward planning and foresight we have more than made up in long hours, hard work and persistence.

We have been incredibly lucky because we seemed to launch Heart Home at the right time. We decided to concentrate on British design and it certainly seemed to hit a nerve with our readers. We are continually being told that we have filled a gap in the interiors magazine sector and we are still extremely passionate about promoting home grown design and quirky, personality filled English homes.

Fortunately, we have not needed huge funds to get this far, we have been able to continue with our regular jobs and in the main we have relied on the good will and generosity of our contributors but this can only get a business so far. So, as we hurtle towards 2013 we see ourselves at a crossroads; we have achieved more than we ever dreamed possible and we need to take our magazine and business to the next level. We can tell you we are feeling very excited about the future.

Personally, I am very glad that Arianna and Daniel were the ones to share this journey. I’d be lying if I didn’t say we’d had our ups and downs but we have worked through the downs and have come out a stronger and more unified team.

Had we known at the beginning exactly how much work we would have to put into our ‘idea’ and exactly how many hours and sleepless nights it would devour, we probably would never have started. We are so glad we did.

Heart Home – Daniel Nelson, Co Founder & Art Editor

Little did we know when we first talked about the idea just how much work was involved but also how well our skills would complement each other. I had experience working online, building websites and even social media experience combined with my graphic design education so could see how we could bring it all together really quickly and cheaply which was so important for us in the beginning.

Although we took seven months to get the first issue live, we started immediately by launching on Twitter and Facebook to build a following. Soon after, the site launched with a blog hinting at the content to come inside the magazine leading up to the launch of the magazine. This idea of exposing the process to our audience from the beginning was always something we wanted to do so that by the time we launched, our followers were so close to us that they would help spread the word.

Realising that our connections and followers were key to our success we have always made sure that we keep them as involved as possible so we relaunched the blog two months after the first issue went live with 13 of our favourite British bloggers .

Now that we’re just over one year on we are making some big decisions about the next year. We cannot lie and say that it has been easy to make money along the way, so we’re focusing much more on this area so that we can create a really solid business that is able to support all involved and to get some investment into the business so that we can continue to grow as much as we have in the past year.

We have a lot of ideas for 2013 and beyond to make the experience even better, bring our readers even closer to us and explore further how Heart Home fits in with their lives. Watch this space as there will never be a dull moment.

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Photo credit: Andrew Boyd

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