2013 Interior Design Trends

Throughout this recession, which continues to hold a grip on most countries, consumers are looking for long lasting design that will stand the test of time. People want simplicity but it has to be feel individual and personal to them. There will be an even bigger emphasis on softer lines, muted colours and vintage furniture.

Baroque minimalism is the main trend we will see this year. To me, it means a modern interior with baroque style features such as oversized murals and raw textures. Lighting will play an important part in this trend and will be very sharp.

Over the years we have observed, learnt and taken on board Eastern philosophy and their love for harmonious interiors. I personally have learnt so much from Eastern design and looking at the future of interior design, I think homes will be a lot more fluid taking even more inspiration from traditional oriental interior spaces.


What’s Hot in 2013?


  • Some of the characteristics of the East which we will see include moveable walls as can be seen in traditional Japanese design. For example, in our homes we might want to include a moveable wall between the living room and dining room or bedroom and walk in wardrobe space – which can be closed to offer more privacy, or opened to create a larger more sociable and versatile space. Screens can be used to create divisions in a room. This gives the flexibility to transform spaces to suit our ever changing needs and uses.


Fabrics/ Texture:

  • During the cold wintery months, texture plays such an important part in our lives especially earlier in the year when people strip down the house from all the Christmas decorations. As the euphoria of the festive period is over and people are feeling a bit blue over these next couple of months, it will help to extend that cosy feeling. In fact, January is the perfect time to spend a little bit of money in new throws, bedding, and cushion covers. Textured pieces I love this season include sheep skin throws on the floor, cashmere covers for hot water bottles and items with mixed textures such as satin mixed with wool or linen mixed with boiled wool
  • Ikat design is going to be even bigger this year. We will see a lot of traditional fabrics, in neutral colours, great rugs with large bold stripes with the added sharpness of ikat design giving it a Middle Eastern feel. The beauty of ikat is that it gives a room sharp spurts of colour in a neutral base; it gives the space a sense of identity and character and can be made to suit an individual’s personal taste. I recently discovered Madeleine Weinrib – her work is fantastic! I’m also keeping an eye on the Mariska Meijers‘ designs from Holland.  Ikat is great for the end of winter when you are transitioning into a new season
  • Turkish vintage heavy weight velvet fabrics mixed with white soft and floaty fabrics is a very new look.



  • Charcoal
  • Mouse
  • White
  • Black
  • Different shades of Grey


  • Retro and vintage inspired furniture will continue to be a trend in 2013 with mixed finishes being a big focus, so old reclaimed wood mixed with modern lacquer shades charcoal and grey. I am personally focusing on charcoal lacquered finishes in my new furniture collection
  • Soft leathers mixed with hard metal and wood for a softer finish on shelves, tables and chairs
  • Fun/Amusing one-off statement pieces.



  • The trend for the ‘social kitchen’ is set to continue in 2013, with open plan spaces for preparing food, cooking, eating, chatting and playing. This is supported by the continued rise of the kitchen bar, an area allowing people to sit and chat whilst the host cooks dinner
  • Contemporary kitchens using neutral, soft colours will be popular this year. A great way to achieve this look is to use different textures, finishes and materials on work surfaces. Pure gloss lacquer, linear texture oak and granite are great examples when combined and mean the lines and designs will be kept edgy yet clean and sharp
  • Following the love for cookery and baking shows, kitchens with gourmet or built in and concealed cooking features will be a must have.



  • Very large slatted lacquer shutters, a statement look not seen before, this look is very Vietnam.



  • Walk in closets and dressing rooms will be even bigger this year as people want to maintain a peaceful and harmonious bedroom environment so separating the wardrobe area will help achieve this
  • As mentioned above people will want a cozy and warm feeling in winter so double sided throws will be must have items, as you have an interchangeable look.



  • The use of new textures and colours and tones is going to be the big trend in bathrooms this year. For example the use of chain main in bathroom cupboard instead of doors
  • The bathroom has long been ignored and now people are wanting a bathroom design that is an extension of their kitchen design so that there is more of a module system encompassing and unifying the different spaces
  • Bathroom taps will also be a highlight in bathrooms; they will be simple but beautifully shaped.



Tapestry – Art Deco
Plinths in glass used to display sculpture Carpets displayed on walls – Trust me!