Getting yourself and your home autumn ready


As the seasons change and the days get colder, our bodies and homes need rebooting. It’s a time to make your home more nurturing and cosy, somewhere you want to spend more time in as the nights get longer, and a time to really look after yourself as well.

The most important thing to remember though is not to go into full-on ‘winter mode’ as soon as soon as you notice it start to get a little chilly. Prepare for winter gradually to ease yourself into it – don’t get the wool blankets out just yet! Layer up slowly – both with your clothes and with your home. I don’t have my tights on yet – I’m still in my brogues. Apply this to the home too, start to introduce warmer textiles but hold your thickest ones back for when the temperatures start to really drop. That way you are saving those key comfort pieces for when you really need them and can add layers over time.
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Wallpaper Week 2015


It’s Wallpaper Week – so what better time to look at the importance of what we have on our walls, and how you can use it to enhance a room.

If you’re new to using wallpaper in the home, don’t be intimidated by it. You don’t have to use it throughout an entire room to make it work. I love being able to use it for texture and as a focus on one wall, it’s a great economical way to use a bolder print and it resurrects how wallpaper was used in the 60s and 70s.
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Red Magazine’s Smart Women Week

I was delighted to be asked by Red Magazine to host a mentoring session this week for their ‘Smart Women Week’ this week which seeks to empower women to live smarter.

Meeting a group of women all starting their own businesses or looking for advice on how to do so, it was rewarding to be able to share my own insights and experiences to help these women to know how to achieve these goals and pitfalls to avoid along the way.
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Let’s heat up interior design…

With August now behind us, it’s time to look toward the latter end of the year. Our minds are pre-occupied with the outdoors during the Summer months with everyone making the most of the warmer weather. However, as we turn into September we spend more time indoors and we want to make our homes comfortable and cosy places to spend your time.

The Betty Sofa
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Are you a Passionpreneur?

The life of an entrepreneur can be a stressful one but a rewarding one, and I can certainly vouch for both sides!

With a successful business comes difficult decisions, financial pressure and a need to keep ahead of the competition. But it’s also exciting, unpredictable and extremely rewarding which is why it’s important to enjoy what you do. I’m lucky; I’m passionate and completely in love with my job and that certainly makes things a lot easier to manage.

This year, I’m supporting an initiative called Britain’s Top Real Role Model, a nationwide competition run by Amway UK Ltd to uncover Britain’s unsung entrepreneurial heroes. Together we are searching for an aspiring Passionpreneur – someone who has set up a business related to a hobby or passion of theirs – to win a £5,000 investment for their business.

Britain's Top Real Role Model
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Being BOLD in LA

This June, I was honoured to be invited to the Business of Luxury Design (BOLD) Summit in California. It was my first time I Palm Springs and I totally fell I love with it. It was like going back in time, with the vintage cars vintage stores and the architecture, all set in totally desert like surrounding was unbelievable! The only thing that was hard to get used to was the Heat… It was 90 degrees at night – it was quite unbelievable!

The BOLD Summit Palm Springs

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Bringing the Garden Outdoors In

One of London’s most iconic events and one of my personal favourites, I’m thrilled to share that we’re displaying my collection of Home Jewellery at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. I’ve collaborated with Absolute Flowers and Home to create a display that showcases my current and new collections of beautiful ceramics and glassware – including some new colourful arrivals.

Stand CW2 at the Chelsea Flower Show

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